Why Does The iPhone X Have Two Batteries?

Why Does The iPhone X Have Two Batteries?

Why Does The iPhone X Have Two Batteries?

There has been plenty written on what the new iPhone is, can do, and all the features it has, you can even find complete breakdowns of the iPhone X on YouTube. It was in one of these breakdown videos that we first learned about the new iPhone X having two batteries and we couldn’t help but wonder Why Does The iPhone X Have Two Batteries?

We will not reinvent the wheel here and discuss the many of the elements of an iPhone X tear down except to say that this new phone iPhone is more densely packed than any other iPhone that’s come before it. Ounce for ounce and square inch for square inch the new iPhone X logic board has less bare space than an Apple watch. This is due in large part to Apples efforts to miniaturize the logic board.

The engineers at Apple found a way to fold the phones logic board (mother board and essentially double it. So it’s theorized that there is a battery for each board. This was necessary in order to free up valuable real estate inside the phone case for the new facial recognition software and the plus size battery that would be needed to run and effectively maintain all the new software and battery consuming features.

The other theory is that Apple just made the most of the space they had. The only way to accommodate a plus size battery was to split it into and lay it in there in a funky kind of way. Voila’ the iPhone X has 2 batteries.

Either way, Apple created what is arguably the best cell phone on the planet according to all of the iPhone die-hards and for the rest of us, it’s still the second best phone on the planet.

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