With today’s “fake news” coming from all different directions, it is important to use good judgement regarding the source of information and news. Getting viewpoints from different sources is key to make sure you are as informed as possible.

Android and iPhone News AppsInstead of this happening, however, the mainstream digital media and social media serve us carefully selected feeds based on our online behavior. This only reinforces existing processes and stereotypes and hinders good, effective communication.

The good news is that there are several news apps available to make things easier for you. These apps can help make things less opinionated and more informative. No matter what you are looking for, there is an app for everybody.

BLENDLE – This is a news aggregator that offers articles à la carte instead of based on a subscription. The cost ranges from 10 cents and up per article and allows the flexibility to choose what you want to read. The articles come from major sources such as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. This way, you get what you pay when you use this app.

FLIPBOARD – Flipboard is considered one of the best news aggregators because it uses some of the broadest ranges of sources. The user can set up a filter or special search criteria using this app to find the information and news they are seeking. This saves time in getting to the information that is desired.

GOOGLE NEWS – This app uses the enormous search base of Google as a key advantage. It uses its sophisticated algorithm to help locate the proper information and continues to be the leader of up to date information across the internet.News App for Cell Phone

APPLE NEWS – This is available in the App Store and offers features customized for the iPhone. Apple News has arrangements with major publications such as National Geographic and the New York Times. The program uses more pictures and other digital media that most others available on the market today.

OZY – This app is known for timely topics that are put in context. There is no 24/7 fluff that normally comes from news feeds and the format is in the form of a short and sweet brief. One popular feature of this app is called the “Ozy Presidential Daily Brief”. This brief is presumably what the President would read to stay caught up on the most important news.

MICROSOFT NEWS – This popular app has a modern, eye-pleasing appearance with very easy navigation. You can use the app to populate the types of news and sources you want to see or simply leave it on the default mode.

QUARTZ – Quartz News uses a modern delivery style with a chatbox. It takes five minutes to keep you up to date with what you have missed using the program. It serves the news in short segments making this app very easy to understand and navigate.

Android AppsRegardless of which sources you use, you can be sure that there are always new ones being added to the mix. But if you want something that is more focused for your news source, try out a few of the above and see what you like. These and other Apps are the thing of the future and will always be a great way to customize your cell phone!