It’s one of the most common things to happen to any of us. Somehow, someway, you have misplaced your cell phone. The stress from this can be enormous since we place such reliance on our phones. This includes contacts from our phone directory to email addresses. Without our phones, we can seem a bit lost…

That’s why there are solutions to the missing phone dilemma. There are several options for tracking your phone and we have taken a closer look at a few. Make no mistake about it, having the right app on your phone when it is lost can save the day!

location cell phoneGoogle – Find My Device

Google’s app to locate a lost phone is a great way to find your phone. It has all the features you would expect from Google and includes the most common. You will need to have a Google account in order to use the service.

Once you are logged in and set up the service, you can have your phone play a distinct sound in order to help locate it. This app also shows a message that will indicate a special text to the person who might have found the phone. This will allow for success when the phone is out of range.

Family Locator

This app is available on Google Play and is free. This app has all the main features and includes a wide variety of abilities. One of the main benefits of this app is that you can control who has access to the information and features. This means that you can control who can find your phone.

cell phone location

The drawback of this app is that it is a people locator, not a device locator. So, the device needs to be logged in as the own

er of the phone to have effective results. It is still a very good option for parents who want a simple solution.

Prey Anti-Theft

This is a great app that is well-trusted by its users. The sole purpose of the app is to locate your phone when it is lost. Since it is dedicated to this, it is a more streamlined application. It has a great deal of expertise and is very similar to Google’s Find My Device app.

A really cool feature is the ability to take pictures remotely to determine where the device may be. You can also gather data about the information network being used. All-in-all, this app pretty much does it all when you are trying to locate your phone.

cell phone location serviceCerberus

This app has a diverse set of features and options. It has both a free and paid version depending your preferences. The options are extensive. You can remotely lock your phone and set an alarm if someone tries to open it.

This app even features an option that allows you to take a front-facing picture in order to better catch the thief! And of course, you can try it out for free in order to determine if the app is right for you.