Cape Coral Cell Phone Charger Port Repair

If your phone isn’t charging as it should, it’s possible that it needs port repair. Bring your phone into Rob the Phone Doctor for Cape Coral cell phone charger port repair. We’ll run a quick diagnostic test and repair the port directly in the store. You can walk out with your phone the same day!

Cell Phone Charger Port Repair Cape Coral FL

People choose Rob the Phone Doctor for issues like port repairs, battery replacements and water damage because of our excellent track record. Mobile devices are an investment, and you want yours to last as long as possible. We’ve heard horror stories of people taking their phones into other places that are cheaper and less experienced, only to find that it did more damage!

With Rob the Phone Doctor, you’re getting Dr. Rob working on your repairs. He opened the first phone repair service in town over 15 years ago and has been repairing phones ever since. He has reasonable prices, thousands of happy customers and the highest customer reviews on Google. Being such a delicate piece, it’s important to choose the right person for Cape Coral cell phone charger port repair.

Cape Coral Battery Replacement

Another frequent repair is battery replacement. Like a port repair, this issue shows up when charging the phone. If your phone is not holding a charge or the battery seems to be draining quickly, it might be time to get a Cape Coral battery replacement. Many people don’t realize that batteries should be changed out every couple of years, and you can have great performance once again! It’s an inexpensive and effective way to breathe new life into your phone.

Whether you need a battery replacement or a Cape Coral cell phone charger port repair, call Rob the Phone Doctor today! We can fix most problems on the same day – no waiting!