Cape Coral Wet Cell Phone

So. You enjoyed a day at the beach – but you weren’t the only one that went swimming.

If your phone gets submerged in water for any length of time, it will likely need Cape Coral cell phone water damage repair. Even the newer phones that do better in water are not exempt from water damage. Most new mobile devices are rated “water resistant” but this is not to be confused with waterproof.

Water damage is also one of those gray areas with the cell phone companies. The manufacturers don’t want to be responsible for cell phone water damage repair in Cape Coral FL. They would be handing out replacements all the time! So, unless you have accidental damage insurance (which still carries a high deductible), you’ll have to shell out the money for a new phone if it’s not repaired.

Dr. Rob for Cape Coral Cell Phone Water Damage Repair

Fortunately, Rob the Phone Doctor can help – and for much less! Bring your phone into us and we’ll take a look, assess the damage and let you know of the appropriate solution. Also, we recommend bringing in your phone for wet cell phone repair in Cape Coral FL as soon as possible! Water can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time, so getting immediate attention can make all the difference.

If your phone is submerged in water, here are a few things to do before taking it in for Cape Coral wet cell phone repair.

  • Remove the sim card, memory card and anything else plugged into the device
  • Dry the phone with a towel
  • Avoid pushing buttons as you don’t want to push water into the phone
  • Don’t move your phone around any more than you have to
  • Don’t use a hairdryer, as this could blow water into the phone
  • Bring your phone to Dr. Rob for wet cell phone repair in Cape Coral FL

Rob the Phone Doctor offers fast, dependable Cape Coral cell phone water damage repair services. Remember, water spreads quickly so don’t waste any time! Bring your phone into us and we’ll take a look right away!