Fort Myers Cell Phone Charger Port Repair

Is your phone not holding a charge anymore? It could be that you need Fort Myers cell phone charger port repair services. This small but important piece allows the connector cord to plug into the phone and deliver a charge to the battery. If it’s broken or bent in any way, the battery won’t be charged. Rob the Phone Doctor is happy to treat your phone for a port repair and send it off to you on the same day!

Cell Phone Charger Port Repair Fort Myers FL

It’s easy to damage a port. They are delicate, and constantly connecting and removing the connector cord can cause the part to move or bend. Even some falls/drops can shift the port so that it doesn’t work properly. Rather than going through the headache of testing your phone, researching how to fix a broken port and buying the materials on your own, it’s easier and safer to work with Rob the Phone Doctor.

All Fort Myers call phone charger port repairs start with a diagnostic exam to make sure this is the issue. We’ll let you know what the repair will cost before moving forward. Fortunately, this service is generally quick and painless, so you can have your phone back to you on the same day. Better yet, a port repair is far cheaper than buying a new phone!

Fort Myers Battery Replacement

Another reason why your phone may not be charging is because the battery is dead. Many people are surprised to learn that their batteries should be changed out every 2 years. If you’re having trouble with your battery, bring it into us for a diagnostic exam. We’ll determine if Fort Myers battery replacement is right for you and how much a new battery will cost. Your phone will act like new again!

Rob the Phone Doctor has you covered. Call or stop in today for Fort Myers cell phone charger port repair or battery replacement services.