Fort Myers IPhone Water Damage Repair

Why work with just any Fort Myers iPhone water damage repair service when you can work with Rob the Phone Doctor? Dr. Rob opened Southwest Florida’s first phone repair service over 15 years ago and has extensive experience working on mobile devices. We have reasonable prices, a 30-day warranty and thousands of happy clients. Call us today for a free estimate on Fort Myers wet iPhone repair!

What’s the Process for Treating iPhone Water Repair in Fort Myers FL?

After providing service to many water damaged phones, Dr. Rob has a strict process that we follow for the best results.

  • First, we recommend bringing us your phone as soon as possible. Water damage will get worse, so bringing it in sooner gives us a better chance at fixing the problem.
  • Next, we promise not to put your device at any risk. We won’t turn it on and start playing with it. Instead, we’ll verify full functionality before moving forward with Fort Myers wet iPhone repair.
  • To identify moisture, we check the water damage sensors. Once we know how far-reaching the water is, we can give you a quote for Fort Myers iPhone water damage repair.
  • If you’d like to move forward with iPhone water damage repair in Fort Myers FL, we can follow up with our thorough cleaning process that removes corrosion and residue.
  • It’s also possible that we’ll have to replace some parts. The most common parts that are affected from water damage include the battery, flex cables, microphones and ear speakers.
  • Unfortunately, water damage isn’t always irreversible. If the main board is damaged, for example, it’s probably best to buy a new phone.

To schedule an appointment for Fort Myers iPhone water damage repair, give us a call or stop in! Don’t delay. Timing makes all the difference in water damage cases!