Gateway Cell Phone Charger Port Repair

Has your phone had trouble holding a charge? It may be the port that needs to be replaced. Rob the Phone Doctor offers Gateway cell phone charger port repair that won’t break the bank. Bring your phone into us and we’ll run a quick diagnostic test to make sure it’s the port. Then, we’ll get things fixed up so you can take your device home with you on the same day!

Gateway Battery Replacement

Another issue that may be preventing your phone from fully charging is the battery. Even though many people keep their phones for a long time, the batteries do grow old after about 2-3 years. To keep your phone working like new, consider a Gateway battery replacement.

Here are a few signs that your mobile device can benefit from a new battery.

  • Decreased battery capacity
  • Slow touchscreen
  • Power button stops working
  • Phone shuts down and reboots
  • Unstable operating system
  • Freezing apps
  • Phone overheats
  • Slow camera

Why Bring Your Phone to Rob the Phone Doctor

Dr. Rob has been providing cell phone charger port repair in Gateway FL for over 15 years. He opened the first cell phone repair shop in his area and has unmatched experience because of it. Here are some of the reasons to put your trust in us for Gateway cell phone charger port repair.

  • Fast repairs. We know how important your phone is to you. It stores your contacts, photos and so much more. When you bring your phone to us, we’ll give it immediate attention. We’re able to make most repairs in just under 30 minutes.
  • Great prices. Rob the Phone Doctor has competitive rates on all repair services. Using us is cheaper than buying a new phone and probably even less than your deductible if you have accidental insurance.
  • Friendly service. We have the highest customer reviews on Google and we plan to keep it that way. You can count on us for the personable service you deserve, and all repairs are backed by our 30 day warranty.

For Gateway cell phone charger port repair, call Rob the Phone Doctor or stop in to see us today!