Gateway Wet Cell Phone

It’s a scary feeling when your smartphone falls into water, whether it’s the toilet, the kitchen sink or a swimming pool. Phones that get submerged in water often need Gateway cell phone water damage repair services. Rather than buying a new phone, bring your device into Rob the Phone Doctor!

Rob the Phone Doctor has great service, great prices and a great reputation. Wet cell phone repair in Gateway FL is one of the most common issues that we deal with. We have what you need to get your phone working again while minimizing additional damage. With us, you’ll save money and have your phone back in your hands as soon as possible!

Why Bring Your Phone into Rob the Phone Doctor

When you first bring your phone into us for Gateway cell phone water damage repair, we will take a holistic approach. The damage may be obvious, or it may not. Luckily, all smartphones have water damage sensors spread throughout the inside. This helps us determine where in the phone Gateway wet cell phone repair may be needed.

Once we have a better idea of what condition the phone is in, we can provide you with a more detailed estimate for cell phone water damage repair in Gateway FL. You can then decide if you want to move forward or not. For the parts that we are not able to save, we can replace them for you. This may include the following parts:

  • Battery
  • Dock connectors
  • Ear speakers
  • Microphone
  • Flex cables
  • Display assemblies
  • Loudspeaker

Rob the Phone Doctor offers fast, reliable service. Water damage is typically more invasive than other types of repairs, so we may not fix things on the same day. But, we will look at your phone and determine the extent of wet cell phone repair in Gateway FL that is needed. At least you will have the honest, truthful answers you need.

If your phone suffered water damage, bring it into Dr. Rob for Gateway cell phone water damage repair!