10 Apps That Will LITERALLY Save Your Life

Hi guys! Take a moment to prepare yourself for the ultimate rundown of Smartphone, iPhone, and Tablet apps that will help you protect your data, absolutely slay boredom, and perhaps make your mom proud of you every once in a while. We can’t guarantee you that last one though. In other words, these are…

10 Apps That Will LITERALLY Save Your Life


#1. Dropbox

dropbox app will save your life file storage app

You’re probably wondering how a file storage app could make it to the very tip top of this list, and the answer is actually pretty straightforward. Whether you’re a business professional or a stay at home mom, being able to backup your priceless memories and important documents can get you out of a jam more often than imaginable. Especially if you’re as clumsy as me and end up going through a new phone every week. Even with heavy competition in cloud storage, Dropbox has proven dependable over years and years of updates.

  • A free account comes with 2GB and the paid plan upgrades you to 1TB (let’s just say you can take as many pictures of your super healthy smoothies as your heart desires).
  • Download for Android or iOS now!


#2. SwiftKey

swiftkey app will save your life keyboard app

GONE are the days of slow texting, or even slow communication in general. If your friends are as savage as mine, not being able to keep up the pace means less funny memes and less semi-awkward but hilarious selfies every. single. day. We refuse to lose even a single funny meme to slow typing. That being said, SwiftKey is a keyboard app which takes the hassle out of typing. Plus it’s just fun to feel like you’re playing Fruit Ninja while you’re sending those late night texts.

  • Better autocorrect. Quick, swipe-to-type action. Way less typing. FOR FREE.
  • Download for Android or iOS now!


#3. Sleep Cycle

sleep cycle app will save your life alarm app

Have you ever slept all night and still woken up feeling tired? And I don’t mean the kind of tired you come to expect the morning after a solid night exploring dive bars with your crew. I’m talking that “I just slept 10 hours and I still can’t remember what day of the week it is kind of tired.” Luckily, Sleep Cycle is one of the best sleep tracking apps available for both smartphones and iPhones, and will probably have you waking up feeling like a King or Queen in no time.

  • Analyzes your nightly sleep patterns. Does some mathematical magic and BOOM, wakes you at the optimal amount of rest.
  • Totally free!
  • Download for Android and iOS now!


#4. CamScanner

cam scanner will save your life scanner app

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had to deal with an awkward “can you fax that over to me real quick” situation recently. I LITERALLY cannot remember the last time I’ve seen a fax machine. Wouldn’t it be so much easier just to be able to take a picture and email it over? Yeah, BUT, you probably struggle with getting the perfect angle on the document and you likely want to be professional as possible. That’s where CamScanner comes into play…a scanner app for your smartphone, iPhone, or Tablet!

  • Free version includes smart-cropping, auto enhance, and color balancing.
  • $5 a month gets you text recognition and other professional enhancements!
  • Download for Android and iOS now!


That’s right! It’s intermission time!

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#5. Dark Sky

dark sky app will save your life weather app

So I’m usually not the type to go out of my way to pay for an app, and I’m betting the house that you feel the same. But, and this is a MAJOR BUT, sometimes an app is revolutionary enough to dip into that savings account you’ve been hiding away. For instance, most weather apps I’ve used in the past are downright boring, and are kind of a toss up of whether you’ll get accurate information. Dark Sky is that once in a lifetime, revolutionary solution I mentioned a minute ago. Plus this one might actually save your life…

  • Insanely local predictions based on your location. Hourly tracking!
  • $2.99/year for smartphone & tablet versions, or $3.99 for your iPhone & iPad.
  • Download for Android or iOS now!


#6. Wunderlist

Wunderlist will save your life to-do list app

I’m going to be honest here, I just like the name of this one. It’s reminiscent of Wanderlust and that’s good enough for me. A+ for branding app creator guy. Basically, Wunderlist is a standard to-do list app, but it’s one of the only available apps in this category which don’t look overly-professional or robotic. There’s an old saying in web design & car sales that goes something along the lines of “it’s all about the polish, man!”

  • Beautiful colors in the background. Easy to use. Tons of to-do list tracking features!
  • Download for Android or iOS now!


#7. Pocket

pocket app will save your life saving app

Are you the type of person who sees cool things, articles, pictures, but can never get organized enough to actually check them out? If so, I feeeeeel you! It can get annoying having a whole list of things you want to learn about but never find the time. Pocket has you covered…it’s a website saving app for when you’re on the go! Plus it’s as easy on the eyes as a Cancun sunset.

  • Save articles, websites, links on your computer or laptop. POOF, they appear on your smartphone, iPhone, or tablet in easy-to-use list.
  • Free as can be!
  • Download for Android or iOS now!


#8. SoundCloud

soundcloud will save your life music app

This is a personal favorite of mine! Sometime waaayyyyyy waaaaayyyy back in 2013 I started to get bored of hearing the same songs over and over on Pandora radio and Spotify. That created the need to explore the SoundCloud universe, and most of us haven’t looked back since. Forunately, SoundCloud is a music streaming app that connected BOTH underground and mainstream artists around the world. Its reach is still growing and growing, leaving you lots of tunes to check out and fall in love with!

  • Music from around the world. Unique remixes of your favorite songs. Balance between mainstream music and underground followings.
  • Free version has limited ads, Monthly subscription is ad free and offers more mainstream albums!
  • Download for Android or iOS now!


#9. Snapseed

snapseed will save your life photo editing app

When photo editing come into play, everyone has their favorite way of adding a little drama to their selfies. You guys know exactly what I mean (we see your tricks Cardi B, we know what you’re up to). Usually having so many options can be overwhelming, but this is one of those cases where a photo editing app really stands out! Snapseed is a photo editing app that allows you to save studio quality, hi-res images directly to your Smartphone, iPhone, or Tablet. You heard me right, STUDIO QUALITY; what now GQ?

  • Precision tuning. Unique filters not found on other apps. RAW editing.
  • Everything you could ever imagine for the heft cost of FREE!
  • Download for Android or iOS now!


#10. Signal

signal app will save your life private messaging app

Last but not least, when it comes to LITERALLY saving lives, one feature tops the rest. Can you guess what I’m talking about? Well since I can’t hear your answer, I’ll just tell you…SECURITY! This is a lesser known app, but it is completely one-of-a-kind. Signal Private Messenger is a chat app that uses Military Grade encryption for all conversations…meaning your neighbor will not find out that you totally borrowed his lawn mower “by accident” last week.

  • Military level privacy. Disapearring messages. Protected phone calls.
  • Totally free as long as you’re not caught doing anything lawyer-worthy!
  • Download for Android or iOS now!

That’s all we have for you on this week’s update…10 Apps That Will LITERALLY Save Your Life!

Comment below with a story about how an app saved your life in the past, or just to say hi!

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