The iPhone 11 - The Next iPhone
Posted by | April 27, 2018
The iPhone 11: What We Know So Far

The iPhone 11 (The Next iPhone) First off the new iPhone X isn’t even old yet, and still happens to be ranked either 1 or 2 on the list of “baddest...

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Best Dating Apps for iPhones
Posted by | April 20, 2018
Best Dating Apps For iPhones

Best Dating Apps For iPhones We couldn’t let the month go by and not talk about this months apps with what’s hot and what’s not. With the extraordinary amount of...

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IPhone X Has A Dual Battery
Posted by | April 13, 2018
Why Does The iPhone X Have Two Batteries?

Why Does The iPhone X Have Two Batteries? There has been plenty written on what the new iPhone is, can do, and all the features it has, you can even...

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Dr. Rob Has A PhD in Phoneology
Posted by | April 6, 2018
What Is Phoneology?

WHAT IS PHONEOLOGY? Phoneology is the study of cellular devices and tablets and their inner workings, their repairs, and understanding how they operate. Dr. Rob is SWFL's leading expert on...

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