Voice Assistants
Posted by | February 28, 2019
Voice Assistants Expected to Grow

Voice Assistants Expected to Grow Cell phones are great. They have grown in versatility over the years and now do some amazing things. One of the major trends is in...

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Smartphone Photography
Posted by | February 21, 2019
Smartphone Photography Guide

Smartphone Photography Guide Today, you don’t need any fancy equipment to take great photos. Smartphones continue to evolve and as a result it is easier than ever to capture beautiful...

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Google Instant Hotspot
Posted by | February 14, 2019
Google Technology – Instant Hotspot

Google Technology – Instant Hotspot It seems like Google is finally expanding its systems to compete with the Apple generation. One of these features is something that comes in handy...

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Extend Smartphone Battery
Posted by | February 7, 2019
How to Extend Your Android Battery

How to Extend Your Android Battery Cell phone batteries are much better than they used to be. Technology has come a long way in this area and has allowed for...

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