3 Must Have Apps for Photo Capturing & Editing

3 Must Have Apps for Photo Capturing & Editing

Photography Apps

Like photography? Who amongst us hasn’t fancied themselves somewhat of a photographer with these super cool cameras and all their features packed into our iphones and Androids that we all hold so close and so dear. This weeks blog is a trifecta for photography enthusiasts as Dr, Rob is sharing his thoughts on the three best apps out there for photography sharing, editing, and video directing.

Smart Phone Photography

Guru Shots has got to be the coolest new photography app out there. Certainly the best one that Dr, Rob has seen in quite some time. Guru Shots is the standard in photography apps as it is equal parts social media platform, source of inspiration, and reality game show.

Users participate in daily photography challenges in lots of different categories such as black and white, light trails, street photography, etc.. then they share their photos on the social platform and win real world prizes based on the number of Likes each photo gets.

Sounds cool right? You can get it here (iOS) (Android).


Photo Editing

Raise your hand if you like playing and experimenting with photo filters and various photo themes? Then Retrospects is for you. It’s a very cool, must have app that allows you to apply more than 50 different Retro style themes to both your photos and your videos.

You can render your media to look like it was made on a Commodore 64, the Atari 400, a Gameboy system, or any wide variety of other vintage tech equipment.

Currently it’s only available for Apple users but for those with iPhones you can get it here (iOS). 

Video Editing 

In most video software and/or photo editing software Android apps come up short in comparison with apps found in the iTunes store. That’s not the case with PowerDirector. In many ways PowerDirector for Android is every bit as capable as iMovie and has proven to be very powerful, as well as user-friendly.

Very quickly a novice can learn to arrange and trim clips, add titles, and the free version offers a decent amount of transitions to check out, experiment with, and apply. Of course there is a paid version too and it offers even more.

PowerDirector App Review






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