3 Romantic Apps for Last Minute Valentine’s Plans

Is it already that time of year again? The time of year where 198 million roses are being prepped for sale and a whopping 14% of women will be sending themselves flowers (according to surveys conducted by Statistic Brain)! Luckily there are tons of tech options at your disposal to absolutely crush it when it comes to sweeping your date off their feet…

Honestly, timing can be the hardest thing to juggle when you end up procrastinating on Valentine’s planning. We understand that better than anyone, so these apps are specially selected for their ease of use, personal touches,  and their overall ability to make the man or woman of your dreams melt!

3 Romantic Apps for Last Minute Valentine’s Plans


3 Romantic Apps for Last Minute Valentine’s Plans Guaranteed to Make You Seem Like You’ve Been Planning for Months

Preach, Mayweather, preach!! Now to start off the list…


1. justWink Greeting Cards App

justWink greeting cards is the go-to app answer to the age old dilemma experienced in most Walmarts, Walgreens, and other fine establishments who sell the same cheesy, basic love & romance cards. With hundreds of free templates to choose from, you’ll easily customize them to your heart’s content! The neat thing is after you’re done sharing to social media or texting it to your sweetheart, you can actually have your personalized greeting card delivered within a week (which isn’t the best option in a bind, but it is a cool offering on the company’s behalf).

In short, what sets justWink apart from other romantic apps?

  • Template galore!
  • Fun, personal, and attractive designs to choose from!
  • The main app is free, with over 60 cards downloadable for a one-time charge of $3.99!
  • Easily get your personalized greeting card where it needs to go!
  • Available to download for Android and iOS!

2. 1-800-Flowers App

We all know flowers are almost a given when it comes down to being the romantic stud you were born to be, but did you know that over 34% of gifts given on Valentine’s Day are flowers? This means that when you don’t order flowers, at least 1 in 3 of your friends did, and trust me, the one time you don’t get your date flowers will probably end up as a story told at every family BBQ for the rest of time. Fortunately, the 1-800-Flowers app knows the struggle is real and is prepared to wow you with special deals, hundreds of arrangements, and fast and reliable shipping!

So why 1-800-Flowers over other delivery services?

  • Packages and sales personalized to feel like you’re shopping in a store!
  • Every color, shape, breed of flower you could imagine (they have a kaleidoscope flower which might be the coolest thing in the universe)!
  • Add-ons like teddy bears, vases, and gift wrap are readily available!
  • Definitely not the cheapest, you’re looking at starting around $50 for any arrangement, but you can place faith in the company’s well-backed track record!
  • Available to download for Android and iOS!

3. iKamasutra

So your night is winding down and you’ve had a great day with your date, right? You have already spiced things up with trinkets and thoughtful affection, but it’s time to kick things up a notch! Maybe you’re not usually the adventurous type behind closed doors, or maybe you’ve been pushing away physical intimacy to focus on something else, but Valentine’s day is not the day to slack on that deeper connection. It doesn’t matter if you just met the day before, or have been married 30 years, iKamasutra has the right position waiting for you. It breaks each position down by difficulty, flexibility, sensuality, and basically gives you a rating as you track which ones you like and which ones you don’t. At the very least, you’ll have some laughs trying not to fall over and bust your face open on a coffee table, and best case you guys forget to go to work on the 15th.

With so many late night intimacy apps available, what are iKamasutra’s strengths?

  • The random position and favorite position tracking are both awesome!
  • The app design is easy to use so you won’t have many distractions from enjoying the moment!
  • Huge catalog of the most well-known Kama Sutra positions!
  • 30 positions included for free, 110+ added for $2.99!
  • Available for download from Android and iOS!

3 Romantic Apps for Last Minute Valentine’s Plans – Now you’ve got the gameplan, so go get to living and loving!

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