Avoid Smartphone Repair Headaches With the Right Case

Research has finally proved a point about how clumsy we can be. We are significantly more likely to drop our smartphone or break our smartphone than you would ever expect! According to surveys and studies “an average smartphone user has a 31 percent chance of dropping his or her smartphone in a given week and a 70 percent chance of it breaking.”

This means that normally, people are facing a 1 in 5  chance of needing a smartphone repair, every week! Those odds tip the scale from slightly insane directly to absolute madness when you consider what OtterBox’s presence brings to the smartphone world.

Avoid Smartphone Repair Headaches With the Right Case


Learning How To Avoid Smartphone Repair Headaches With The Right Case Is Your First Step

It is totally normal to start shopping around for the most reliable, longest lasting companies when you decide to stop risking your smartphone’s safety. You have probably heard great things about OtterBox before, but you may not know just how long they have been building phone cases for maximum protection. With 20 years in the business, OtterBox has rapidly grown their global reach to earn themselves a Top 10 Ranking on Forbes List of America’s Most Promising Companies! Rankings of that significance make it easy to trust OtterBox, but Rob the Phone Doctor swears by their products for more reasons than just their popularity.


So what sets OtterBox phone cases apart from their competition?

Answering that question gets complicated when 99% of their competitors, like Lifeproof, offer cases made of similar materials, with similar color combinations to choose from. Lifeproof is their main company to beat, as they also make the same waterproof, dirt proof, drop proof claims as an alternative for the “get lost in the woods for 2 weeks” type of people.

Believe it or not, Rob the Phone Doctor was actually able to share a bit of his smartphone repair expertise in a recent conversation. He mentioned that “water seeping into audio jacks” is a glaring issue with the Lifeproof case which seems to get swept under the rug in most OtterBox vs. Lifeproof comparisons. An issue that problematic leaves you wondering what other benefits OtterBox has in store…

Half the battle of finding the right phone case is being able to find one which balances beauty with protection!

You know you don’t want to continuously spend hundreds of dollars fixing broken smartphone screens, but you probably still don’t want your phone to make you look like the only guy or gal in Starbucks who ordered a basic, dark roast black coffee with no creamer. Here is a quality peak at the kind of modern, sleek, yet majorly rugged aesthetic that OtterBox offers to keep you cool under pressure:

However, OtterBox’s Construction Is The Real Reason You Will Avoid Smartphone Repair Headaches In The Future

Their smartphone cases are made with a polycarbonate shell, synthetic rubber slipcover, and some models even feature a built in screen protector. All their models are strong enough to handle you at your clumsiest, and each one of the main series has different features based on your needs:

Commuter Series Case, Symmetry Series Case, Defender Series Case, and Pursuit Series Case are the main product lines. Rob the Phone Doctor carries most of these cases, so come in and check out what makes the series unique!

In the meantime, are you ready to see a phone dropped from 100 feet and survive?!?!?!?!

More often than not, you are not going to be the idiot dropping your smartphone off a parking garage. That much is common sense. However, you may end up dropping it in the shower while trying to sing Train karaoke, watch it fly off the table because you set it to vibrate for date night, or forget it is in your pocket while giving a piggy back ride into the ocean. We all get stuck in unexpected circumstances at times, and rising above often takes proactive thinking to prepare and protect yourself from smartphone repair headaches.

Click the image to contact us or get directions to check out Rob the Phone Doctor’s massive OtterBox collection:

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