Cape Coral Cracked Screen Repair

Cape Coral Cracked Screen Repair

Best Cracked Screen Repair Cape Coral

Cracked Cell Phone Screen ?

So you have the new iPhone X or maybe even the Samsung Galaxy S9. Or maybe you’re a person who prefers the Google Pixel 2 and you live in Cape Coral and just so happen to be out one night and oops, you drop this beautiful little telecommunication device and right there across the front is a glaring crack and a slight spider web emanating from the point of impact.

The phone still works, but now it’s cracked – just like your heart each time you take a look down and see it staring back up at you. You can still scroll, you can still screenshot, but it looks like a scratch on a brand new car – You hate it and desperately wish it wasn’t there. Or maybe you live in Cape Coral, Fl and threw your phone across the room after a bad break up telephone call and now it’s shattered and you risk needing a band aid, each time it rings. You’re very busy and don’t have time to be without it, yet, you can’t stand to use it in this shape for another minute more.

Cracked Screen Repair Before and After

Where To Go For Cracked Screen Repair In Cape Coral

Rob The Phone Doctor has your solution.

He is just a short drive from anywhere that you may live or work in the City Cape Coral. Right across the mid-point bridge and all repairs are usually done in 15 minutes or less.

Dr. Rob has a sterling reputation and is the recipient of more Best of SWFL awards in the area of Cell Phone Repair and Tablet repair than anyone else in the area.

Yes, there are many fly by night cell phone repairs centers actually in Cape Coral, but chances are you are coming across that bridge anyway, and none have ever even come close to winning the number of awards for customer service that Rob The Phone Doctor has.

Feel free to visit his website to request a Free Quote or Just call 239-910-0100. He is always happy to answer the phone and is located just North of the Edison Mall and has been for 11 years.

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