Better Parenting is Possible with an iPhone

Hi guys! If you are lucky enough to be a parent of your very own mini human, then you’re probably always searching for ways to make the whole 25 hour a day workload feel like a walk in the park. We get it, building better parenting skills and being a better parent in general requires patience, understanding, and sometimes it can feel like you’ll never be able to handle another 15 years with the little trouble maker. Luckily, more and more iPhone app and accessory developers are laser focused on delivering hands-on experiences for families with younger kids. I mean, they aren’t exactly old enough to possess the great wisdom necessary for entire conversations held through gifs and petty memes yet, so as a parent you can have a lot of fun checking out interactive app options!

Once again, it all comes down to an iPhone (Dr. Rob’s #1 Repair Request)…

Better Parenting is Possible with an iPhone


So how can an iPhone magically transform you into a better parent?


Well to start off, you could always break your iPhone when you’re mad at the kiddo for drawing on the wall with spaghetti and meatballs (sometimes it feels ironic that my parents ended up stuck with me), instead of making the little human cry. That’s probably the first commandment in the book of parenting (followed by “pretend it’s crying in the middle of the night because it’s having a reallyyyyyy great dream and is totally fine without you waking up for the fourth time tonight 😉 “), but that’s not what we’re here for…

The straightforward answer to upping your parenting cred was brought to us by a product called Moonlite!

Check out the video to hear the inspiring story behind the hottest iPhone toy on the market!

As Natalie mentioned in the video, the Moonlite accessory is a mini storybook projector. Parents can set up the projector and pick a book in a matter of seconds!



“Transforming their favorite books into magical experiences” is exactly the type of thinking needed on the road to better parenting…but how expensive does Moonlite get?

Surprisingly, Moonlite’s Shop indicates that they’re not trying to drain your bank account in exchange for all the cool tricks they’ve included in the app. The main difference between the Gift Pack ($39.99) and the Starter Pack ($24.99) is the amount of stories, or “story reels,” that are included. The Gift Pack boasts a robust collection of 5 stories (and other goodies you’ll have to peep on your own) while the Starter Pack only includes 2 story reels.

  • Individual stories by award winning children’s writers are only $7.99!
  • Classics like Curious George and The Ugly Duckling are available, so if you grew up with parents obsessed with books (literally, mine), you’re bound to get some good vibes from the nostalgia.
  • The Moonlite storybook projector is available for both Android and iOS, even though we’re focusing on the iPhone app right now.
  • App features include displaying the story’s words on the screen, sounds and audio play at the tap of a button, and page turning in sync with turning the projector reel.

Okay, so the Moonlite is cool and all, but is supporting young kids usage of technology really going to lead to better parenting?

Let’s start off by saying that you’re about as likely to win the coveted “daddy or mommy of the year” trophy as I am to growing a third arm, even if you try really reallyyyy hard. Little kids can be a royal pain in the butt! The only thing that really gets them to stop their nonsense for even half a second is when they feel like you’re giving them undivided attention. Unfortunately, you won’t always have time for that level of attention during a busy workday. Carving out time to share stories, dreams, and ideas with your kiddo means the difference between building a future for them, or with them.

Your kids will definitely know more than you about YouTube by the time they’re 5 years old, whether you want them to or not. Your iPhone is more than a mobile phone; it’s lesser-known as a tool to build a better you, and a better you will always mean better parenting from you.

Better Parenting is Possible with an iPhone

So let us know if you’re jumping on the bandwagon! Until next week,


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