Weather Apps for Your Phone
Posted by | August 23, 2018
Great Weather Apps for Your Cell Phone

One thing in life that always seems unpredictable is the weather.  Oftentimes we get caught in the rain by surprise because we failed to plan for that event.  Luckily, there...

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BAck to school apps
Posted by | August 3, 2018
Back to School: There’s an App For That

Back to School: There’s an App For That The start of school is rapidly approaching and as with just about everything else in life these days, ‘there’s an app for...

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Recomended Travel Apps
Posted by | June 22, 2018
Top 10 Travel Apps For Summer – Part 1

Travel Apps Part 1 Its traveling time again and Rob The Phone Doctor has a recommend list of apps to make all of your summer travels much better. Some you...

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Must Have Photography Apps
Posted by | May 18, 2018
3 Must Have Apps for Photo Capturing & Editing

Photography Apps Like photography? Who amongst us hasn’t fancied themselves somewhat of a photographer with these super cool cameras and all their features packed into our iphones and Androids that...

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Best Dating Apps for iPhones
Posted by | April 20, 2018
Best Dating Apps For iPhones

Best Dating Apps For iPhones We couldn’t let the month go by and not talk about this months apps with what’s hot and what’s not. With the extraordinary amount of...

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LastPass A Recommended App
Posted by | March 22, 2018
March Madness: 3 Must Have Apps

March Madness: 3 Must Have Apps Dr Rob's Recommendations What good would it be to be a Phone Doctor and have a P.H.D. in Phoneology and not give recommendations on...

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