Foldable Android
Posted by | November 17, 2018
First Samsung Foldable Android

Foldable Android There is a code-name for the first ever Samsung foldable smartphone – “Winner”. The newest approach to cell phone gear is set to hit the market in style....

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Smartphone Life Cycle
Posted by | November 8, 2018
Branding Effects on Smartphone Life Cycle

Branding Effects on Smartphone Life Cycle A study has shown that the branding on a smartphone directly impacts the lifespan of the phone more than repairability or hardware. The study...

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Using Smartphones to Measure DNA
Posted by | November 1, 2018
Using Smartphones to Measure DNA

Smartphones and DNA Technology has come so far. In today’s world, it seems almost nothing is impossible. Especially when it comes to technology related to smartphones. Advances are made in...

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Messaging App
Posted by | October 18, 2018
New Yahoo Messaging App

New Yahoo App Yahoo Messenger had been around for a while. In fact, it was one of the first instant messaging apps available in the marketplace. Unfortunately, earlier this year,...

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Digital Sanity Breaks
Posted by | September 27, 2018
Digital Sanity Breaks

Sometimes it is important to realize that our lives can get a little too technical. Each day, we become more involved with our cell phones and the notifications and alerts...

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Mobile Tracking
Posted by | September 20, 2018
Mobile Tracking of Your Location

In this day and age, you need to be mindful of when your location is being monitored. It may not seem like a big deal, but it can border on...

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Cell Phone Cleaning
Posted by | September 13, 2018
Cleaning Your Cell Phone – Inside and Out

It’s not spring cleaning time yet, but it can always be a good time to clean your cell phone. When a cell phone gets dirty, it does not function to...

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BAck to school apps
Posted by | August 3, 2018
Back to School: There’s an App For That

Back to School: There’s an App For That The start of school is rapidly approaching and as with just about everything else in life these days, ‘there’s an app for...

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Dr Rob
Posted by | July 27, 2018
Dr. Rob Wins Best Cell Phone and Tablet Repair In SWFL AGAIN

SWFL's Best Cell Phone and Tablet Repair Every year for the last 28 years the Fort Myers News Press holds a Best Of SWFL poll and residents from all over...

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Rob The Phone Doctor Unlocks Cell Phones
Posted by | July 20, 2018
Rob The Phone Doctor Can Unlock Your Cell Phone

Most cell phone users fall into two groups and No, we are not talking about iPhone users and Android users. We are referring to the two groups of people that...

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