Back to School: There’s an App For That

Back to School: There’s an App For That

Back to School: There’s an App For That

The start of school is rapidly approaching and as with just about everything else in life these days, ‘there’s an app for that’. This week the good Doctor tells us about the hot ones that he recommends 


This app is an absolute family lifesaver. Cozi allows you to schedule and track everyones work, and activity schedules all in one location. Cozi even allows you to add chores, and share shopping lists, search for recipes, and meal plan.

Unlike most apps, Cozi is also available via desktop as well as a smartphone app making it a convenient tool for the entire family to use and stay organized by.

Cozi is free – but also has a Premium Ad free version which costs less than $20 a year.

Available at, iTunes, and Google Play.


Chances are your child’s teacher will be using Remind but if not, it’s a great parental suggestion as this app will allow teachers to communicate with students and parents alike very easily. Remind eliminates the need for teachers to any longer handout anything at all.

Remind further allows teachers to upload photos of students at events and even send regular text messages to students who have regular cell phones that are neither Android or iPhone.

Remind is completely Free and available in both iTunes and Google Play both.


Wyzant just so happens to be the largest and most robust online tutoring network that there is. No matter what subject you need help with, Wyzant makes the tutoring hiring process simple, easy, and affordable.

The app is free but the individual tutors do charge for their services and like Uber or Lyft you pay online through the app at the end of each session. Wyant not only allows you to book tutors but to track their progress as well.Wyzant

Like all the most popular apps Wyzant is available in both iTunes and Google play

So there you have it – Recommended apps for back to school.

Rob The Phone Doctor

Dr. Rob wishes you all a safe and prosperous new school year and is here for any cell phone repair needs that you may have.

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