First Samsung Foldable Android

First Samsung Foldable Android

Foldable AndroidFoldable Android

There is a code-name for the first ever Samsung foldable smartphone – “Winner”. The newest approach to cell phone gear is set to hit the market in style. The new phone will act both as a smartphone and a tablet of sorts. Originally, the company stated that that a lot of work has gone into the concept to ensure that it is different than a tablet that simply folds in half. But recently it appears that that is exactly what it will be when it is folded out.

The new product will allow for multitasking due to its ability to act as a tablet on demand. One of the main benefits is that the unit will fit into a regular shirt or pants pocket when folded. This allows for a less cumbersome tablet but with the same benefits. But more importantly, as opposed to regular tablets, it can be used as a cell phone.

Samsung believes it can create a real added value with the new device. Based on the company’s marketing muscle and expertise, there is no reason to believe it will not accomplish this goal. They believe it will start out as a niche product but eventually break into more of a mainstream market now being developed.

The Basic Background

When the development first began, it was believed the new product would be available for the holidays this year. However, the actual “bendable” cell phone apparently won’t be available until sometime in early 2019. There is competition with companies such as Huawei, but most industry experts believe that Samsung, as the biggest manufacturer in the industry, will prevail in being the first in the marketplace.

The market price is expected to be around $1,500 and will use many of the same hardware components of the popular Galaxy S9. The company experienced some issues with production techniques dating back from the inception of the idea back in 2012. The technology keeps advancing so quickly that it is difficult at times to keep up. It has been a long time in waiting for this new product, but during this time the demand for it has increased substantially.


Since the tablet market has been on the decline in recent years, the new foldable model is expected to rejuvenate things. By giving the consumer the best of both worlds, Samsung is striving to be the leader in this new and emerging market segment. The company states that this is a long-term project and will release the new product as its third Android flagship lineup. It will be sold right next to the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note in this segment. Right now, it is unclear whether the new unit will be available globally, but it is sure to make an impact here in the United States next year.


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