Galaxy Fold Launch Update – Samsung Now Taking Reservations

Galaxy Fold Launch Update – Samsung Now Taking Reservations

Bendable PhoneGalaxy Fold Launch Update


To update everyone on the much-anticipated launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, it is still set for Friday, April 26th, 2019. The cool thing is that all of this new technology is opening up whole new market segments. Samsung has been one of the forerunners for some time, but now have taken a giant leap with their “bendable” phone.

But this doesn’t stop the competition, it only makes them more aggressive in marketing new products. The war market share is bringing on all kinds of new innovations with several other companies. The tech giant Huawei has been pushing hard to overtake Samsung, but they have a disadvantage…they outsource a big portion of their production whereas Samsung does most of theirs in house.

Samsung Begins Reservations

Yesterday, the anxious consumers wanting to secure a new Galaxy Fold were able to do so. The company had announced this a while back to accommodate for the massive influx of orders expected. What they started doing yesterday was to allow customers in the United States to reserve their spot in the private pre-order which begins Monday, April 15th. This pre-order is the actual order that is set to go on sale on April 26th.

Smartphone Icons - Foldable PhoneSo, to be clear, you don’t have to pay for anything under the reservation service. You have a choice between the T-Mobile or AT&T models of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. This is really a list of people who Samsung will let purchase eventually on or about April 26th.

Galaxy Fold Official Website

To add some more marketing muscle to the Fold Launch campaign, Samsung has unveiled its new website just for that. You can check it out here:

This website is just for the Galaxy Fold. This is because this new market segment is forecasted to continue to grow and diversify for many years to come. This “Official Samsung Galaxy Site” is targeted to the wealthier people. The price is still set to be on the high side at $1,980 which is why the company is being very careful with their new baby.

Smartphone Competition ResultsStrategy for Success

One of the main reasons a new business fails is that it is “under-capitalized”. These ventures simply do not have the capital and finances available to get off the ground. The better way is to continue saving up and building out your business day by day ensure that it stands the test of time.

In the case of Samsung, they have built their company so be as independent as possible. This means that virtually all new projects and innovations are taken “in-house” for production. This provides huge savings across the board which gets re-invested back into the company.


At the end of the day, the development of the Galaxy Fold has been monumental. Over $130 million was spent in research and development and over 1,000 prototypes came about through the lengthy process. The roots of this development started over 6 years ago with a team of dedicated men and women took on the task. It is because of people like this that we all get to enjoy so much of what we have today.

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