Galaxy S10 Line Expecting Record Shipments

Galaxy S10 Line Expecting Record Shipments

Cell Phone CelebrationGalaxy S10 Line Expecting Record Shipments

As we continue to move forward in the evolution of the cell phone marketplace, one thing is becoming clear. Samsung keeps making strategic decisions which are set to allow for a huge number of shipments for 2019. The “King of the Hill” only seems to get stronger each time a new product is released.

With added competition, however, this fight is getting more and more interesting. Enter Apple and Huawei: each has a 14% market share and are making a lot of noise. In fact, Huawei announced recently that it EXPECTS to take over the top spot from Samsung by the end of this year. Almost sounds like a threat from the bully who live down the street!

The Samsung Strategy

Samsung is counter-punching with its usual array of creative and new technology offerings. The way they are doing this is also maximizing potential shipments. By offering different versions of the Galaxy S10 to various levels of buyers, Samsung has set up a broad sweep of a huge market.

Add various upgrades to the mid-range line and you have a formula for success. For example, the Galaxy A30 and A50 are both mid-range phones that have large displays. The 6.4inch AMOLED display is sleek, tall and thin. The A50 even has a triple-camera setup on back with a 25MP selfie camera in the front. So, by offering more high-level features at mid-level pricing, Samsung is virtually “creating” a market!

Many Cell PhonesExpect OVER 60 Million Shipments!

Despite the competition and cutthroat tactics, Samsung continues to fight back. Their own internal estimates are showing a staggering number of units to be shipped and sold. Early estimates exceed 60 million by the end of this year. This is all done mostly through the excellent strategic business planning by the company.

The big guns are still gunning for the top and the game is getting more intense. The great thing about this kind of competition is that it creates the widest and best variety of mobile devices you could imagine. What will continue to transpire is the development of very cool mobile devices to service a multitude of market niches.

Galaxy Fold Update

The long-awaited arrival of the Galaxy Fold is still running right on schedule. The April 26, 2019 is still the official launch date of the unique and versatile unit. Years of planning and development have come to this point. Soon we will have this whole new market segment to add to the mix.

Competition is always good. The Galaxy Fold will have several competitors hot on its heels as we move forward in the development in this area. One thing is for sure, these units keep blowing our minds with the technology they feature. This is healthy for the industry and good for the entire market in general.

What’s Next?

Who knows what’s next for the Galaxy line of phones? The strategy of related diversification has wrought huge rewards. The minds that run the show at Samsung are obviously ahead of their time. Unique and creative thinktanks are at work 24/7 developing new ideas. The work never ends because the possibilities are ENDLESS!

And…the great thing about this kind of competition is that we the people get to enjoy all the benefits!

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