Google Technology – Instant Hotspot

Google Technology – Instant Hotspot

Google Instant HotspotGoogle Technology – Instant Hotspot

It seems like Google is finally expanding its systems to compete with the Apple generation. One of these features is something that comes in handy often – the Mobile Hotspot feature of our smartphones. This is a mode of operation that allows the cell phone to transmit a WIFI signal that can be used by other devices in the area. You can get work done or watch YouTube from virtually anywhere using this option.

Turning on the Mobile Hotspot feature, however, is often very cumbersome. Normally, you need to go through your phone’s settings to activate the hotspot. Then, you need to go to the device you are trying to connect with and find the new WIFI signal. Then, you need to set that up and enter the appropriate password so that you can access the internet.

When you are finished working, you then need to go through the whole process again to get back to where you started. All in all, it is a process that we have gotten accustomed to. We have done this for some time now even though it is not the most efficient way to operate.

A Better Way to Connect

This whole process will be a pain no more. Google is expanding its tethering feature to a large range of Android phones. This will make the Mobile Hotspot feature very easy to use. When you have an Android phone and a Google Chromebook both logged into the same Google account, you will be able to see the phone’s hotspot and activate it easily.

The work flow is no longer interrupted with the process of connecting and disconnecting over and over. Now, ease of access with a hotspot will be easier than ever. It is so seamless that when you all the devices are done accessing the network, the hotspot can be set to turn off automatically. This saves not just in the hassle, but also in extended battery life.

Future Growth

This type of access and technology is not new to the industry. Apple introduced it with its “Continuity” suite in 2015 which included the “Instant Hotspot” feature. All the Google Pixels have had instant tethering since the year 2017.

Initially, Google only offered the new features in the Pixels phones giving them somewhat of a corner on that market. However, they are now realizing the broader reach and potential of integrating the technology. Expect them to give users the benefit especially when it steers them towards Android and Chrome OS.

The “Better Together” Chrome OS suite lets you get your messages directly from your Chrome laptop. It also automatically unlocks the computer when the phone is near. It’s still in the beginning stages, but this entire strategy by Google is dedicated to keep up with the competition. And knowing Google, they will most likely eventually come to dominate this market as well.

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