Google To Add User Comments

Google To Add User Comments

Google to Add User CommentsUser comments seem to be everywhere on the internet. Over time, we have gotten used to them in several areas. FaceBook comments seem to have started the trend years ago and nowadays many other programs use the same feature. Comments add additional information that search engines use in determining how the page ranks. WordPress, the popular blogging software, uses comments adding an additional feature to pages and posts.


In a whole new move, Google is slowly beginning to roll out search comments. The leader of the pack of search engines has started implementing the strategy in selected areas. The feature even features a special support page where users can get more information as to how it works. Basically, the version 8.55 of the Google app launched everything recently. If you would like to share your comments often, there is even a menu to select them from.

The version is still in the beta stage, but already user comments in the Google search engine results seems as if it will be here to stay. The initial comments will be limited to mostly those pages that are related to sporting events and games. This way, the competitive nature of fans can be revealed for all to see. Yet more information coming at us from the search engine giant. Google will continue the tradition of users giving comments a thumbs up if they so desire (similar to YouTube).

The Challenge

GoogleSince the new feature is very complex and must be launched correctly, it is understandable that Google is being very cautious from the start. There needs to be controls put in place to govern obscene statements that are not in compliance with their policies. This is perhaps why the new aspect of the search engine is starting out on a very limited basis.

Google plans to monitor the feedback from the new comments feature very closely. So far, it is clear that they know what they are doing in almost every respect. Google’s marketing knowledge is perhaps the best in the business. This is why they have been the worldwide industry leader of all search engines. The early decision not to monetize anything was a stroke of genius. Statistics show that users like to see “white space” much more than ads and news items.

User Experience

It remains to be seen as to whether the new comments feature will actually enhance user experience. Comments can often add a testimony or additional information that can be useful. However, they can also result in misinformation at times. This is why the current version is so restricted. The important thing Google wants to do is ensure that search engine results don’t get too cluttered. After all, this is how they came to dominate the market in the first place.

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