Happy Easter from All of Us at Rob the Phone Doctor!

Happy Easter from All of Us at Rob the Phone Doctor!

Happy Easter - Rob the Phone DoctorHappy Easter!

From All of Us at Rob the Phone Doctor…

On this wonderful Easter Sunday, our whole team would like to wish everyone a beautiful and special day. One filled with the love of friends and family and special moments to cherish. And as time has gone by, our family has bonded with all of yours such that it fills my heart with gratitude. Gratitude for not only having you as customers, but as our friends.

The saying “a friend in need is a friend indeed” sits well today. It’s been so nice over the years getting to know each of you and your families. And this in turn makes you part of our family. We enjoy helping people with our expertise. But what’s better is to be given the opportunity to be of genuine service to all of you. We consider having you as valuable clients a privilege, not a right…

Cell Phone - Easter EggsSpring is Here – Look Up from Your Phone

As the snowbirds head north and roads start to clear, keep in mind the fact that we do live in paradise. So, as the pace slows down, it would be good to take some time each day to “Look Up from Your Phone”.

The following video went viral a few years back when a bright, young man noticed something. It seemed that instead of us controlling our mobile devices, our mobile devices were controlling us. Please enjoy and take a moment to receive this message…you’ll be glad you did!

Gary Turk – Look Up from Your Phone – Official Video

I hope you were inspired – * 61,473,369 views and counting…

‘Look Up’ is a lesson taught to us through a love story, in a world where we continue to find ways to make it easier for us to connect with one another. This always seems to result in us spending more time away from the relationships which make life special. But there is hope…below is the direct link to YouTube for the video:


Springtime Tech News – Big Things Happening Soon!

As you probably already know, the biggest story in the Cell Phone industry right now is the future unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. This amazing device has to be seen to be believed – it is the first ever “bendable” phone of any significance. The official launch date remains April 26, 2016. Several million tech-savvy citizens are locking in units with a “pre-sales” promotion from Samsung.

While Samsung remains a step ahead of the competition, expect to see some “Ultra high-tech” stuff including 5G integration already set up for the future.  And, some of these comparable devices coming from their own Research and Development (R&D) teams are super Top Secret. So, tune in hear all about it at our Rob the Phone Doctor Trending News Pages for all the updates.

A Vision for You – This Adventure Called Life

As we move into the summer here in paradise, let’s not forget all of the things Southwest Florida has to offer. Taking time to smell the roses will benefit us all. And on such a special day as this, it is a good time to take a deep breath, enjoy the fresh air, and look to the sky. If only for a moment, look up from your phone and experience this “Adventure Called Life”.

After all, we really do have it made down here – did you know?

Happy Easter to All…and to All a Good Life!

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