Holiday Shoppers Going Mobile

Holiday Shoppers Going Mobile

Holiday AppsHoliday Shoppers Going Mobile

Initial online sales forecasts for this holiday season were impressive with over $125 Billion in total sales. More than half of all shopping done on the web will be done by smartphones. This number cannot be over-looked and major outlets are responding with apps and other services. Due to such an overall increase in online sales, the malls may seem less crowded but more sales are really happening.

Mobile spending continues to grow this year as people are becoming more comfortable with shopping online. They feel safer ringing up purchases because they have become more secure and easy to use. As app development continues to expand and grow, we are going to see more and more cutting-edge technology.

This improvement in apps will bring on a lot more shopping for both small and large businesses. Although more people are just browsing rather than completing the purchase, the steady inflow of advanced features in apps will continue.

Up for Grabs

There is over $9 Billion up for grabs of orders online that are abandoned by the user. This statistic along with a lot of other evidence has prompted businesses to invest more in app development to engage the end user. This creates somewhat of a captive audience and loyal customers in many cases. For some individuals, the quality of an app is a make or break deal.

Large companies such as Walmart, Target, Macy’s and others are on the cutting edge of development. They are also spending the most money on app development and growing that segment of the sales market. All companies regardless of size realize that a good app can be way more important than the actual website.

App Popularity

HolidaysA study by Adobe found that consumers using an app spend 2.4 times there than on the website. And, these users end up spending 30% more of their time looking at the content. By engaging the customer better, the app provides better sales percentages per visit. This is mostly because the apps usually work very seamlessly for the product or service offered.

Walmart has integrated maps listings that allow the consumer to plan their trip from start to finish. Customers can even find out what aisle an item is on. Target has made improvements to its loyalty programs. Macy’s uses a wide range of high-tech features such as an augmented reality tool. This tool allows the consumer to see virtually all pieces of furniture as they would appear in the home.


Its easy to see that app development will continue to be a driving force for retailers that offer them. The biggest companies still have an advantage, but technology has improved over the past several years. This allows the smaller companies to compete on a larger scale. Apps are here to stay and continue to get better and better every day.

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