How Our Cell Phones are Benefiting Others…

How Our Cell Phones are Benefiting Others…

Cell Phones on Social MediaHow Our Cell Phones are Benefiting Others…

Over the past several years, we have seen an amazing increase in technology. Sometimes it seems that everything is moving so fast we lose sight of our true purpose. We look at our phones and our phones look at us…and at the end of the day many of us ask “Why?”…

Well, it’s good to know that there are amazing stories of how the advancement of smartphone technology has impacted millions across the globe. And, all this is done with the touch of our finger or whisper of our voice. Yes, your cell phone is a powerful tool and can truly help change lives.

He Said, She Said – How it Works…

Social Media on SmartphoneLet’s look at social media and why your smartphone becomes an awesome way to express yourself. Simply by having a social media account and putting “content” on the web, you can make a huge positive impact on others.

If you want to see a few of the best in recent months, we have a found three choice ones:

#3 – Spotify’s New Year’s Resolution Campaign

This campaign from 2017/2018 was focused on data Spotify grabbed from user playlists and streaming information. The whole idea was to make a giant billboard to support people in reaching their goals. The New Year’s Resolutions were placed on social channels and literally changed millions of peoples’ lives.

The Spotify goals worked because they bridged the gap. They created at social feel and connection that benefitted millions. Truth be told…over 70% of all social media is now done on your smartphone.

People are connecting at the core level and sincerely helping each other. It’s a beautiful thing!

#2 – Saving the Homeless – Changing Lives

Social Media on Cell PhoneSocial Media on Cell PhoneSocial media mostly through smartphones was responsible for an amazing story.  In this case, however, the author is typing the first message from the front desk of a homeless shelter. She is attemping just to stay out of the cold, but something else happens.

As she writes she begins to network, and the story gets more and more amazing every day. The title of the article is “Social Media Changed My Life and Helps Me To Help Others”.

#1 – Helping Special Olympics – Priceless Video Goes Viral – Raises $ Millions

In one of the most rare and touching moments ever recorded, PGA Golf Professional Gary Woodland and defending champion of the Phoenix Open does something amazing. He invites a young girl who is a Special Olympics golfer.

Amy Bockerstette suffers from Down Syndrome, a genetic disorder of which there is no known cure. Despite this, Amy shows her stuff and the moments of the video become priceless. Filmed on the famous 16th hole at the TPC Scottsdale, Arizona (near Phoenix).

This video went viral and set an all-time PGA golf related video view record – over 22 MILLION VIEWS!

Footage courtesy of the PGA Tour.

You Be the Judge – And Make A Difference Too!

Your smartphone can change lives… hopefully you can see that you can impact others in a positive way. All it takes is beginning the journey. And like any journey, it begins with the first step!

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