iPhone Repairs Will Never Include Chargers Again

Hi guys! I’m not sure if you’ve had this nightmare situation happen to you…you know, you’re about to go on a date, you forgot to charge your phone and for the first time in months, your charger chord is actually draining the juice needed to make sure you don’t end up listening to Big Sean on repeat for the fifth time this month. True Story. But seriously, for some reason Apple’s charging chords always end up leaving us wanting more. Well guess what…

iPhone Repairs Will Never Include Chargers Again


So what’s going on in the world of iPhone repairs?

A lot of you probably know all about the wicked “Apple Slows Down Old iPhone Models” scandal. As if that’s not enough to get you stir crazy, why are we out here paying $600+ for a phone that has to get a new Apple charger chord every 3 weeks? Sounds just a touch of scandalous. Hopefully you don’t end up having to run into a half-liquor store half-gas station in the middle of nowhere…just to be met by a sassy cashier who actually might be able to match your yearly sleep deprivation goals. Wait what? We’re getting off topic here…

Then how do you even begin to combat insane iPhone repair costs?


“The introduction of both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X has brought a huge boom to solving issues with Apple chargers.”



As the video shows, sleek wireless charger options are waiting to be chosen now! If you’re one of the many loyal iPhone devotees dodging traffic to get your mocha latte on before you have to solve all the world’s problems, still somehow manage to pay rent, while not watching cartoons in the middle of the week, read on. If you’re not sold on the whole “wait, hold up, hovering air is making my battery charge right now?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?” just know that I had the exact same semi-panic attack before realizing how much I love throwing microwaved popcorn at my enemies. Maybe we should just let doubts go to rest this time around?

So how do wireless iPhone chargers work?

Little zap here, little zap there, you know? Wait, no, that’s not actually what’s going down, see there’s this really nifty science thing called Electromagnetic Conduction. Basically, there are a bunch of coils in the wireless charger that get hot, hot, HOT, baby! Yeah, on second thought we may be better off going back to that zap zap theory…

Anyway, with the new iPhone X and iPhone 8 models falling into the mix, Apple has become the hottest commodity for third parties looking to bankroll accessories. The more problems accessory designers solve, the less iPhone Repairs and Upgrades we get to dread while trying to find an AirBNB which will “allow iPhones.” It’s ten times easier to find an AirBNB which “allows dogs” so maybe AirBNB just hasn’t gotten the memo that not all iPhone chargers are built equal. Who knows?

If wireless chargers are so hot right now, what would be the best brand to replace my wired iPhone charger with?

Although, there are some main competitors to be on the lookout for. Qi wireless chargers tend to dominate the market. They’ve managed to kick up a backlash of major beef with a company named Powermat by getting Apple to hop on the Qi train, and based on how their products look they deserve to be kicking screens and taking digits.

“See, your wired iPhone charger hasn’t even been gone a minute and you’re ready for a taste of the wireless charging life…”

iPhone Repairs will never include chargers again.

Until they do…but in the meantime, you’ll definitely have less issues with your brand new iPhone X or iPhone 8 if you just go pick up a Qi wireless charger!


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