iPhone Screen Repair Fort Myers

iPhone Screen Repair Fort Myers

iPhone Screen Repair

As a Phone Doctor with a PHD in Phoneology, one of the most common repairs that Dr. Rob gets asked to repair is shattered or broken screens on iPhones aka iPhone Screen Repair.

Since 2007 when Dr. rob first opened his cell phone repair practice he has been the premier Phone Doctor in all of SWFL. It’s no secret that iPhones are very popular. Matter of fact, as of January 2017, iPhone users made up 55% of all smart phone users in the United States use some version of the iPhone.

Rob The Phone Doctor repairs multiple iPhones every single day and he usually does so in 15 minutes or less. Cell Phone repair while you wait. That’s been Dr. Robs model for 11 years.

Whether your iPhone screen is chipped, cracked, or shattered. Whether it was dropped, stepped on, or driven over. Dr. Rob can fix it, repair it, or replace it while you wait, and get it back to you in no time at all. With more than 123 Reviews on  Google Dr. Rob is well established, competitively priced, and completely trusted.

Some other popular repairs that Rob The Phone Doctor routinely performs for iPhone users are iPhone Screen replacement, iPhone Water Damage Repair, iPhone battery Replacement, iPhone Charger Port Replacement, iPhone Diagnostic Testing, iPhone Vibrator Replacement, iPhone Home Button Replacement and iPhone Power and Mute Button Replacement. As well as iPhone Speaker Repair, iPhone LCD Replacement, iPhone back Housing Replacement and Repair, iPhone Antenna Repair, as well iPhone Front or Review Camera Repair and iPhone Headphone Jack Repair (on older iPhones) and iPhone Microphone Repair/Replacement.

So, no matter what ails your phone Dr. Rob has the cure!

Rob The Phone Doctor is located at 3916 Cleveland Ave. Fort Myers, Florida 33901 or you can always call for a free quote 239-910-0100.


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