Mobile Device Use Can INCREASE Family Time

Mobile Device Use Can INCREASE Family Time

Mobile Device and FamilyMobile Device Use Can INCREASE Family Time

Universities of Oxford Studies Show Improvement

Studies conducted by the Universities of Oxford and Warwick discovered that the use of mobile devices does NOT reduce the amount of family time at home. The common misunderstanding is that technology such as today’s smart phones are taking over children’s lives.

Truth be told, the opposite appears to be happening. Just like we have adapted as humans to a wide variety of living conditions, so we are adapting in similar ways today. Nowadays, however, this is being done at lightning speed with high-tech stuff, so the initial reaction is one of fear.

From Fear to Freedom

In the past, there has been a lot of fear surrounding the effects of technology on our kids. There are scores of studies which predicted doom and gloom, but never came to fruition. This is because the forecasting models forgot to include the ingenuity of today’s kids.

Friends…it is going to take time for all the dust to settle regarding our kids and technology!

Just like when I was a kid, we are all so impatient today. I was so bad, my mother used to call me “Veruca” after the character in the movie,  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Veruca Salt wanted everything now…even an “oompa Loompa”

There is nothing to fear because these kids today are so good with their devices that they know all the tricks. And, most of these tricks involve SAVING time so they can be more efficient.

We Are Not North Korea

Cell phone use has been labeled a severe addiction and disease in North Korea. The reason for this is obvious (and unfortunately the innocent people don’t even see it)… Due to the severe oppression and censorship of this horrific dictatorship, the people will cling to anything they can get their hands on. This means LOTS of smartphones pumping each person full of black propaganda.

Here in America, we are seeing the home of the free come alive again. No matter what the so-called “higher-ups” try to do nowadays to scam the common man, there is now always an available counterpoint. I.E. The information age is getting so powerful that even those who have all the money can’t keep up.

Little Girl with Cell PhoneFor the People – Rob the Phone Doctor

Being a strong, patriotic American nowadays is more important than ever. Gone are the days of deception by entities out for profit instead of for good. We are seeing more and more “copy-cat” tech repair chains than you can shake a stick at… This is a problem because most of the staff hired are not highly experienced in truly serving the customer.

“Above and Beyond” customer service is something you will always get with Dr. Rob. And, you also get years of valuable experience and a relationship instead of just being another number. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with all of you anytime. We love making new friends and helping folks with all their high-tech needs!

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