New Yahoo Messaging App

New Yahoo Messaging App

Messaging AppNew Yahoo App

Yahoo Messenger had been around for a while. In fact, it was one of the first instant messaging apps available in the marketplace. Unfortunately, earlier this year, Yahoo discontinued it due to a lack of interest. It was also because people had moved on to different apps for messaging.

But now, there is “Yahoo Together”. This is their latest effort to create a great messenger product that is more competitive in today’s market. The app has a very progressive new look and affords the user with a lot of great features. It is definitely worth a try because of its wide variety of uses.

The Strategy

Yahoo Messaging AppYahoo is trying to compete with the very best apps out there. They do not hide the fact that their goal with the new Yahoo Together app is to be #1. To do this, they have incorporated many of the latest and greatest features we see today in other apps available. They are set to compete with all the other options available in the marketplace.

One thing that is very evident is that the new app works very similarly to “Slack”. The popular competitor has a few more features than Yahoo’s latest effort, but over time we should see all the same things integrated into Yahoo Together. Plus, we are likely to see new features not yet seen as the technology expands. So, the strategy is not only to offer a similar messaging app, but to compel people to use it over their competitors.

How it Works

The same expertise that created Yahoo Messenger is also behind the new Yahoo Together app. This is very compelling because similar technology to Yahoo Mail is being used as well. Yahoo Mail is perhaps the best-liked web-based email available on the market today. The account management system is integrated as part of new messaging app.

In order to use Yahoo Together, you need to have a Yahoo account. However, you can still invite others to your group even if they don’t currently hold an account. This is accomplished through a unique code that can be entered once the invitee accepts. The app is now available for both Android and iPhone.

One of the best features is the ability to set reminders for any messages in a chat. These are called “Smart Reminders”. All participants can be notified simultaneously at a chosen time regarding the conversation.

The app is still in the development process and will be sure to improve over time. Currently, no desktop version is available, but will most likely be rolled out soon. So, even though there may be some growing pains, it may be worth your while to try out the new Yahoo Together app.

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