Samsung Galaxy Fold – The Bendable Phone

Samsung Galaxy Fold – The Bendable Phone

Foldable SmartphoneSamsung Galaxy Fold – The Bendable Phone

One of the bigger news stories in the cell phone industry is the coming of an entirely new kind of phone. For some time now, Samsung has been working on developing a “bendable” phone. Seems like there is never an end to the innovation we are seeing nowadays, especially in cell phone technology. Although the new phone is not considered by initial skeptics to be very attractive in some respects, the features it boasts are amazing.

Other companies are coming out with versions of their own folding phone and the tech giant Huawei is no exception. However, Huawei acquires most of its supplies from vendors whereas Samsung almost always makes their own. The Korean company even has a division called “Samsung Display” which is the market leader in smartphone screens. This provides a competitive advantage which will be hard to overcome.

Apple has mentioned that it will be launching its own version of a foldable phone. However, plans not to have this launched until sometime in 2020.

Sneak Peak Video

Several different marketing videos and picture have been put together to demonstrate some of the coolest features. This one from the CNN website has a nice summary of everything.

Galaxy Fold Video

Imagine holding one of these phones in your hands, going to a Google Maps listing, and unfolding your phone almost like an old-fashioned, paper map! It has many more well-planned features that are sure to make this new market segment extremely interesting. However, as far as maintaining and increasing market share, Samsung seems ahead of the game.

Bendable PhoneBroader Strategy

One of the strategies for expanding the market for the Galaxy Fold lies in its innovation and size. Samsung is so large that they can afford to take many things in-house where other companies cannot. And, based on developments in the industry, we can see where all the competitors are lining up.

Google, for example, has already started working with Samsung. They are involved in optimizing various new handsets that come out with exclusive operating software. It will have many more bells and whistles in order to accommodate all the new features. So, we can see that Google is already ahead of the game in anticipation of the new “bendable” phones as they come into the market.

Launch and Moving Forward

Samsung plans on launching the Galaxy Fold on April 26, 2019. The anticipated price to start with will be set at $1,980. What will be interesting to see is the demand for the new phone considering the price of nearly two thousand dollars. But if history is any indication, the demand will far outweigh the issue of a high price tag, at least in the beginning stages.

Right now, Samsung is capable of manufacturing 200,000 units per month. This amounts to 2.4 million units per year. This number is likely to increase as initial sales and pre-sales occur. Regardless, we are in for an entirely new wave of cell phones!

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