Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ Price Comparison – Who’s Got The Best Deals?

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ Price Comparison – Who’s Got The Best Deals?

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+



How much does the new Samsung Galxy S9 and S9+ cost? The answer to that depends on where you are going to go to purchase it. Samsung is selling their flagship phone directly for $720 and the plus model for $840. This is also the retail price that they are suggesting other retailers sell it for as well. However, you will ONLY find these prices at Samsung and T-Mobile.

Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T are all significantly higher and prices between them all can vary as much as $90. The new phones pricing is all over the place and that’s why we are here, to help you navigate and get the best deal.

Galaxy S9 Pricing Comparison

Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9 Plus Trade-in discount
Samsung $720 $840 Up to $350
Verizon $800 $930 Up to $350
Sprint $792 $912 Up to $350
AT&T $790 $915 Up to $200
T-Mobile $720 $840 Up to $360


For those wishing to purchase the new S9 or S9+ via the way of financing. Most all of the carriers will offer you some sort of zero down payment (except for T-Mobile. They’re requiring $120 down). Here is a break down of those different price plans.


Major US Cell Phone Carriers

Galaxy S9 Monthly Payments: Cost Comparison

Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9 Plus Payment Period
Samsung $30 $35 24 months
Verizon $33 $39 24 months
Sprint* $33 (+$198) $38 (+$228) 18 months
AT&T $26 $30 30 months
T-Mobile $30 $30 (+$120 down) 24 months

*Sprint financing Plan involves an 18 month lease and an option to pay off a balance that is billed in the next consecutive 6 months. These numbers are listed in parenthesis.


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