Sprint/T-Mobile Merger: What It Means For You

Sprint/T-Mobile Merger: What It Means For You


So you may have heard recently that Sprint and T-Mobile both have recently reached an agreement to merge, in order to compete with industry giants Verizon and AT&T. Should they accomplish this and the United States Government allows this merger to happen then the new company will be called T-Mobile and the brand Sprint will cease to exist.

This idea has been knocked down before namely in 2014 when T-Mobile tried to buy Sprint. Then Government regulators gave the signal that they were going to reject the deal and T-Mobile went on to fight in their typical underdog fashion and wound up overhauling the whole industry when they became the first carrier in the country to offer truly unlimited calling, texting, and data plans. The very next day, Sprint unveiled their unlimited plan and within six months Verizon and AT&T had to follow suit due to the large portion of their market share that Sprint and T-Mobile were able to take from them and in total overall cell phone bills dropped by 13% from March 2016 to March 2017.

The Governments biggest fear is that when these two cell phone providers that target the middle class and blue collar worker/family/budget – who will be left to fight for the wallet of the little guy. Competition is good for consumers. Corporate monopoly is not.

Sprint and T-Mobile both claim their will not be any price increases and certainly not right away but who’d be there to stop them if they changed their mind?

While you ponder that thought let us assure you that no matter who your provider is whether it be Sprint or T-Mobile either one. You should not notice much of a difference with your phones as their technology is compatible and no matter whether this new merger gets approved or denied, the two companies have already agreed to allow each other’s subscribers access to each others towers when needed.

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