The iPhone 11: What We Know So Far

The iPhone 11: What We Know So Far

The iPhone 11 (The Next iPhone)

First off the new iPhone X isn’t even old yet, and still happens to be ranked either 1 or 2 on the list of “baddest phones on the planet”. Depending on if you prefer Galaxy or iPhone.

Either way, that doesn’t stop people from talking or rumors from spreading and the rumor mill is all a swirl regarding the Next iPhone and we are calling it the Next iPhone due to it not even officially having a name yet, though speculation is it will be called either the iPhone 11 or the iPhone XI.

Apple has pretty much stuck to the routine of releasing new iPhone versions in September, though last years launch of the iPhone X was in November. It remains unclear exactly which schedule they will stick to but you can guarantee it will be here in time for Christmas.

What Kind of camera will it have? 

Apple hasn’t officially released the answer to that question just yet, and I suppose the answer has more to do with whether you buy into the theory that the next iPhone will be less expensive or priced closely to the audacious price of $999 that came with the iPhone X.

Some people believe it the cost will be cut by nearly 50% placing it somewhere near the price range of the iPhone 8. So if that’s the case then, you can probably expect a very good set of dual rear cameras and a single rear camera on it’s base models – Oh yes, it’s so far rumored  that Apple will be releasing three different versions of the next iPhone.

However, there is the school of thought that also believes the next iPhone will have as many as 3 rear cameras. Which has so far never been done before. Except in the case of the new Huawei P20. So what’ll it really be? We don’t have a clue but speculating is fun, so we say Apple goes big and each version of the next iPhone will have synonymous cameras 1 rear on the base model. Dual rear on the mid tier model and 3 rear cameras on the premium version. That’s our guess and it’s as good as anyone else’s.


What will it look like? 

Have you seen the new iPhone X? Pretty much just like that but bigger. A sneak-peak or two of the new screen has been released and the new screens resemble the iPhone X but it is rumored there will be a 6.1” screen as well as a 6.5” screen for the plus size models. Even with it’s 5.8” screen size the iPhone X is stunningly beautiful and it’s doubtful that Apple moves away from that design any time soon.

So the bottom line is there are a lot of rumors out there about what the next iPhone will or wont be, but right now we have the iPhone X and it’s one of the best phones on the planet so use it up and enjoy it and while doing so if you should happen to get it wet, crack the screen, over charge the battery, want it unlocked, or just want to sell the darn thing. Stop on by and say hi to Rob The Phone Doctor, located on Cleveland Avenue just North of the Edison Mall in Fort Myers, Florida or call for a free quote 239-910-0100


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