This iPhone Accessory Completes Your Love Life

Hi guys! I cannot be the only person in the world who struggles with long distance relationships, right? It doesn’t matter how strong & secure, how fresh & fun, how deep & spiritual your connection is; sometimes the lack of your lover’s touch can leave you wondering if you’d be better off re-living that crazy spring break in Cancun at the ripe young age of 45. Doesn’t really sound ideal, huh? Maybe you’re running in circles reconsidering that 6 month business trip to Fiji because you don’t want to miss cuddling to some HBO late night flicks with that hottie who knows that it takes you wayyyyyyy too much time to figure out how to get iPhone Accessories working? I obviously have no room for assumptions about your feelings on long distance relationships, but I DO have an answer to keep your love life from growing stale. It all comes down to an iPhone (Dr. Rob’s #1 Repair Request)…

This iPhone Accessory Completes Your Love Life


So how are iPhone Accessories involved in your love life?



According to Kissenger, making out from across the globe is easy as taking the 30 seconds to download the app while you consider whether buying one makes you creepier than that old guy from the Back to the Future movies. Which doesn’t even matter because he probably couldn’t spell iPhone accessories if you asked him too. Anyway…

The question is, are you ready for an iPhone Accessory which Completes Your Love Life?

Luckily, you have some time to decide whether you can trade your pride for some extra smooches! This iPhone accessory is still in the prototype stage, and although it has been in development for years the future is looking bright for your secret chapstick savings account. The video below is a great preview behind the iPhone tech it takes to make lip magic happen…if you can handle the extra cringe factor of two people kissing their phone a mere 3 feet from each other:

Okay, honestly, they look more Cheech & Chong than Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone. On the flipside, the review shows you how easy the Kissenger accessory makes it to get lost in a special moment. This will likely be the end of letting distance demolish the love life you’ve built through constant purchases during Victoria’s Secret special sales.

At this point you’re probably wondering how an iPhone Accessory can deliver a kiss that feels like the real thing?


We all know that pressure, rhythm,  and syncing up with each other are ingredients that are second to none when it comes down to sharing a wicked makeout session.

But how can an iPhone app and a weird looking attachment mimic those tingling sensations that we’ve come to crave?


Here are the specs:

  • The lip portion is made of silicon for an semi-natural feel!
  • The lip portion measures the kisser’s pressure and the receiver’s Kissenger translates the exact same pressure through the iPhone accessory!

That being said, silicon is not going to feel super human or anything, but that’s a great chance to check out the lip gloss aisle next time you’re in Walgreens. Don’t quote me on that though, as there’s currently no information regarding how slippery substances could affect whether the iPhone app will still translate the pressure properly or not.

Hopefully the “precision force sensors” won’t send your lover a text the one-time your ex accidentally pops in your head (#justiphonethings). Speaking of the precision force sensors, the more technical side of the lip portion is underneath the silicon. There are six “linear actuators” which move back and forth to create the motion that will have you watching Nicholas Sparks movie marathons like it’s a nationally recognized holiday. From a tech standpoint, the Kissenger feels just simple enough to actually work!

This iPhone Accessory Completes Your Love Life

However, you’re going to have to sit down and talk things out with your iPhone all on your own. 😉 Until next week,


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