Three Rules Before Texting – Using Wise Words

Three Rules Before Texting – Using Wise Words

Texting MistakeThree Rules Before Texting – Using Wise Words

The Rules are Requirement (not options) to Avoid “Terrible Texting”

What I mean by rules of texting is the absolute elimination of the ALL the texts you wish you never sent. These I call TERRIBLE TEXTS! You know the ones I am speaking of…the instant you touch the “Send” button something happens!  OMG – what did I just do. Sound familiar?

Of course, there are cheaters who use techniques, apps and software get around this. I call this the coward’s way out because they buy stuff to aid in their weak attempts at self-control… literally. They simply have not learned the social graces of so-called “normal” people. And when they get all wrapped up in a texting “battle”, they have virtually zero self-control.

These innocent victims have been bombarded with too much technology. It’s not their fault, or anyone’s…it’s simple good old “supply and demand” economics. We are seeing some of the most amazing stuff coming out right now because that is what the economy is driving.

The Three Rules – Secrets to NEVER Sending a Terrible Text

Rule #1 – We don’t have to say everything we’re thinking about!

Texting EverythingSimple right? But NO… many people text (their way of talking) anything and everything they experience from daylight to all hours of the night. This is not only a huge waste of personal time, but for every minute you spend sending unimportant information, you LOSE MONEY. Yep, it’s simple arithmetic. The more time on your mobile device “playing”, the less your income will be.

If you truly wish to succeed, spend more hours devoted to improving yourself, advancing your career, taking that odd-job no one else wanted, etc., etc…instead of playing games on your mobile device. I call both the iPhone and Android the “Electronic Income Reducers”…

Dr. Scott Peck who wrote the best seller “The Road Less Traveled” speaks of this phenomenon. It is actually a mental disease caused by the cell phone user themselves. They take on daily habits conforming to society that limit their ability to think for themselves. It also drastically limits any and all potential to truly be a productive member of society.

Rule #2 – We don’t have to repeat everything we hear!

Repeating Gossip with TextingThis is also known as “gossip”. Try something new for a change… if you hear something interested, just keep it to yourself. Resist the temptation (if you can), and just let it go.

I know what you’re thinking. “That’s impossible! I just HAVE to tell somebody!”

Folks, in all honesty, that’s just your ego wanting attention, nothing more. That attention is fleeting for just a moment as well, so you might only be happy for just a few seconds.

A very wise man once told me this:

Big people talk about IDEAS…

Ordinary people talk about THINGS…

Little people talk about OTHER PEOPLE…

Sad, but so true…so, DON’T BE ONE OF THE LITTLE PEOPLE!

Rule #3 – We don’t have to say everything we think we know!

Wise Words when TextingThis rule is self-explanatory. It is so much more rewarding to sit quietly and listen than always butting in.

Here is another saying you will want to know:

“It is always better to keep your mouth shut and be presumed a fool,

than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

I hope this helps you with your future texts. Remember, there is a false belief that needs to stop now!

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is a lie that has been passed down through the ages for way too many generations. It’s time we all take a stand and learn how to pause before we speak; compliment before we condemn; to really love expecting absolutely nothing in return.

So then, my beloved friends, may everyone be swift to hear, slow to speak, and most important…slow to wrath.

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