Top 10 Travel Apps For Summer – Part 1

Top 10 Travel Apps For Summer – Part 1

Recomended Travel Apps

Travel Apps Part 1

Its traveling time again and Rob The Phone Doctor has a recommend list of apps to make all of your summer travels much better. Some you know, some will be new. How many do you not have installed on your phone already? Take a look.

  1. Foursquare City Guide: Find The Perfect Venues

Yes, that Foursquare…the same one that was super popular several years ago and wasn’t the leading travel app. Since its time at the top of the travel app status it has gone through major changes and has been split into two different types of apps. FourSquare City Guide is for location discovery and their new app Swarm is for sharing social things such as check-ins and location sharing.

Foursquare City Guide has so much information left from people who have been there before you, you can read tips, reviews, and recommendations before ever making a decision about where to go. This alone makes this a must have travel app when visiting new places. Available on both iOS and Android

  1. Trip By Skyscanner: Get Personalized Venue Information

Trip is very similar to Foursquare and may even be redundant if you have both. However, there is one major difference and that is in the fact that Trip will make personalized travel or destination suggestions to you. It does this by asking you to select from a list of different possible interests such as design, backpacking, adventure, budget, etc.. So that it can tailor suggestions for you based on what you like. It even takes into consideration the time of day and the local weather where you are at when formulating suggestions for you. Available on both iOS and Android

  1. Google Maps: Know Exactly Where You Are Going and How To Get There

 This one almost goes without saying but we didn’t want to ‘not say’. If you have an Android phone then this app is probably already preinstalled on your phone. Google Maps is an excellent source of directional and local information. You can choose voice guided if driving or biking and Google provides detailed information on more than 15,000 cities worldwide and the app even provides real time information on traffic and other roadway related incidents. Definitely a ‘Must Have App’ if you are traveling anywhere. Available on both iOS and Android

  1. Google Translate: Communicate In a Foreign Language

 Do your summer plans involve traveling overseas? Or to a country where they don’t speak English? Then you’re in luck. Dr. Rob recommends downloading Google Translate. This app can currently can adequately translate 103 different languages by either voice, keyboard, handwriting, OR by camera. To say this app is really cool does not do it justice. So instead we will just call it highly recommended.

Available on both iOS and Android

  1. Waze: The Premier Driving App

Waze is by far the premier driving app. This app is known for extremely accurate information about the route you are traveling. It does what Google Maps does, but takes it further by also acting as a live traffic monitor informing you as to what’s ahead, from congestion, to police, to traffic accidents as well as information about what is around you such as attractions, venues, museums, businesses, and restaurants. This is a community based app and is updated by real users in the area. Thereby able to provide real time traffic information. Available on Both iOS and Android

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