Weather Apps for Your Cell Phone

Weather Apps for Your Cell Phone

Weather Apps for Your Cell PhoneWeather Apps for Your Cell Phone

Summer is Coming Soon – So Be Prepared

Now that we are getting into the summer months soon, it is always good to make sure you have all the apps and tools you need. Especially here in Southwest Florida, the summer brings all sorts of crazy weather conditions.

Count on the daily thunderstorms around 4pm and then some hot, sweltering evenings. If you want to play golf in the summer down here, you will want to tee off before 8am. Here, the fees go down dramatically simply because of the heat. Let’s face it, it is always a good idea to stay on top of the weather forecasts down here.

Staying on Top of the Weather – Using the Best Apps

Due to the unpredictability of the weather down here, finding the right app for your phone is important. We often get caught in the rain by surprise – this is because we failed to plan accordingly. So, the solution nowadays is to take advantage of technology.

You can install a weather app in just a few minutes and they will then become a great tool for your cell phone. So, you are probably wondering which apps are the best. Well, there are many to choose from with various different features.

Personal preference is really what will play the biggest role in our decision. Here are three really good ones that have very good reviews:

Weather Underground

Weather Underground has been around for a long time. It is very reliable and a great source for weather information.  You can receive hyper-local conditions as well as forecasts with this handy tool.  They use live reporting and weather stations to keep you up to date with information as quickly as any source available.  There is also a webcam feature which allows you to take an actual peek at the weather in certain areas.  The Weather Underground App is available on Google Play and iTunes and is free.

Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is probably the most recognized because of its presence on television.  This app is great for tracking storms, getting forecasts both in hourly and daily formats, and displaying radar images.  The radar is quite unique in that it includes both a time lapse display of the past; there is also a forecast for the future.  This allows you to really see the weather patterns as they appear on radar.

Rain boots in the rainThere is also an option to receive “Push Alerts” for severe weather conditions in your area.  This is another good way to stay prepared.  It is always good to get these here in south Florida because of the sudden thunderstorms which are so common in this area.  These notifications are just another way to be prepared.

And, of course, there are even weather Tweets in a social media type setting to make things more interesting.


AccuWeather provides what they term “real feel” temperatures as part of their daily forecasts.  This is a nice feature because it gives you a better sense of how hot or cold the weather outside really feels.  There is also a lifestyle section which lists conditions that exist for a variety of outdoor activities.  Whether it is golfing or looking at the stars, you can determine if the weather is right for it.  There are also listings of the impact of the weather on various health conditions such as arthritis and influenza.

AccuWeather from Google Play or AccuWeather from iTunes is free.

Well, those are the top three in my book. Again, it comes down to personal preference. But in any case, install one of these apps – it will make dealing with the weather a whole lot easier.

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