What is Planned Obsolesence?

What is Planned Obsolesence?

Planned Obsolescence: Fact or Fiction?

So, have you ever noticed that your iPhone started acting funny right after a new update? Maybe the update was timed to coincide with the release of a new iPhone, and all the older phones get a new update, then somehow, conveniently your old iPhone begins to slow way down? That’s referred to as Planned Obsolescence. Apple has admitted to it in order to urge its customers to upgrade their old iPhones for new ones.

Both the United States and Israel both have brought suit against the tech giant for this but France took things a bit further and accused Apple of criminal liability.

You can read Apples heartfelt apology here.

According to a recent Forbes article Apple is not the only culprit here. It seems as if the Italian Government has Samsung under investigation for the very same thing. Except in this instance Samsung denies all accusations and claims innocence.

Whether both companies are both guilty or not remains to be seen, but one admits it here and one denies it – That’s all we know for sure. Except after every update are phones get slower. Hmm!

This practice is not isolated to just the telecommunications industry either. It seems planned obsolescence is prevalent now a days every where you look. This article gives a few examples you may not have even considered.

    • Light Bulbs
    • Ink Cartridges
    • Video Games
    • Mp3 Players

Then there is this really cool video on YouTube about the same subject, just in case you are still a skeptic.

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