Wireless Cell Phone Chargers Can Save the Day

Wireless Cell Phone Chargers Can Save the Day

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Cell phones work great most of the time.  However, we can all agree that they work best when they can take a charge.  We take our phones for granted until we lose the ability to charge the battery.  This happens from time to time when the input jack on the cell phone no longer works.

Rob the Phone Doctor can fix or replace your charger port for many makes and models of Androids and iPhones.  However, in some cases, this condition cannot be repaired.

This is when having a wireless charger can save the day.  There are several brands of cell phones that have models which are compatible with this technology. These include Google, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, and Motorola to name a few.  For a complete listing of these models, you can refer to a very informative article called “Wireless Charging Explained”.

What is Wireless Charging and How Does it Work?

Wireless charging is a method of charging your cell phone battery without connecting a cable.  Basically, a power transmitting pad is used to transfer power through the actual phone case.  What happens is that the base creates an electromagnetic field through two coils.  This creates power that is transferred to the phone when the transmitter contacts the metal plate on the cell phone.

The electrical current created by the wireless charger is transferred to the battery and is called “inductive” charging.  This allows the cell phone to be charged without being plugged in.  This technology can be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping your phone functioning.  If you happen to have a model that accepts a wireless charger, then you can avoid having to replace your phone.

Wireless Cell Phone ChargerStandards for Wireless Charging

The most common format for wireless charging is called “Qi”.  This allows for inductive charging of the phone unit with up to 5 Watts of power for low power specifications.  Higher ranges can deliver power up to 1 Kilowatt.

There is a newer format which has been around since 2014 called “Powermat” which is also referred to as “PMA”.  This technology works with a system called “magnetic resonance”.  So, things are always changing and getting more technologically advanced every day.

How to Get a Wireless Charger

Regardless of the technology used in a wireless charger, you will first need to confirm that your phone is compatible with one.  Keep in mind that name brand wireless chargers make a big difference in the performance and longevity of wireless charging.  The best wireless chargers are ones that are made by the cell phone manufacturers.

The best advice is to be very careful because there are way too many clones out on eBay and Amazon. They look identical but they are just a cheap version with the manufacturer sticker on top.  Rob the Phone Doctor carries wireless chargers and can help set you up with the proper unit for you.

Wireless Phone ChargersRemember that a wireless charger is sometimes just a last resort to keep you going.  It is usually more convenient to have a cell phone that accepts a charge using a corded charging unit.  If your phone is compatible with a wireless charger you can use that too and have the best of both worlds.

If you have any questions about wireless phone chargers or anything else, just give Rob the Phone Doctor a call – (239) 910-0100.

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