Your Source For Fort Myers Tech News

Hi guys! r.Bond here, we just want to give you a little rundown on Rob the Phone Doctor’s brand new Tech News Blog! We plan to be a weekly source of all things Smartphone, iPhone, and Tablet news…

Your Source For Fort Myers Tech News


We’ll be covering trending apps, tips and tricks on getting the most out of your smartphone, occasional how-tos and device walkthroughs, and more…

I feel blessed that Rob the Phone Doctor has given me this opportunity to keep you guys up to date, and I hope to be able to make you laugh here and there along the way!

If you’re not familiar with Rob the Phone Doctor or are new to the Fort Myers area, this video is a much better introduction than I can give him myself:

Please check in week to week (Fridays at 10am) and don’t be too shy to say Hi in the comments as you stay tuned!

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