YouTube Reaches 5 Billion Android Installations

YouTube Reaches 5 Billion Android Installations

YouTube AppYouTube Reaches 5 Billion Android Installations

Do you remember years ago when you first started watching YouTube? You learned how to search their library and find virtually anything on any topic. Then you realized that the search engines like Google would show you YouTube videos in the search results if you so desired. You could simply add the word “YouTube” to any search criteria and see what comes up.

The ease of use and the seemingly limitless inventory of videos has resulted in one of the largest segments of the internet. Most people would rather watch a short “how to” video than read through a set of instructions. This makes for one of thousands of popular YouTube categories we see today.

Reaching the Mark

YouTube VideoWhen you look at the listing for the YouTube app in the Google Play Store you will get some interesting news. The video app so far has been installed over 5 billion times on Android devices. This is just one segment of the market, but it is perhaps the most important. People are relying on their phones for more of everything each day, so this cell phone milestone marks an important feat.

The main reason the huge number was achieved is because the YouTube app has been pre-installed on so many Android devices. The popularity of the Android Operating System is a driving force behind everything. The success of YouTube is also a leading factor in the video streaming industry.

The Beginnings

The first Apple iPhone was the original smartphone to be set up with YouTube. It was even featured in the advertisements leading up to the launch of the product. Apple originally received permission from Google to create the player for the handset. Then, in 2012, Google did not renew its agreement with Apple because it wanted to take control of the iOS YouTube app. So, those users need to install YouTube on their phones to use the app.

Despite all this, YouTube became one of the most popular apps on the iPhone and early Android models. These cell phones came with support included with the purchase. You might remember back in the earlier days that with 3G in place, playing high quality video could be difficult. There was even an option to request these special playbacks by pressing a special button.

There are other Android apps that have been developed by Google that have exceeded 1 billion installations each. These include Gmail, Google Search, and Google Photos. So, you can expect them to continue to keep pace with the market including application development.

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