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Well, where did it all start, I guess it begin when I was a kid living in Long Island, N.Y. living in suburbia, there is not much for a 10 year old to do. So I decided to take things apart to see what was going on inside those little machines. I took apart radios, TVs, vacuum cleaners, and anything else I could get my hands on. After dismantling everything in my mother’s household; (as well as my neighbor’s households) I decided to learn how to put them back together again (this time working). My mother and I then moved to Florida when I was twelve were I spent the rest of my childhood taking new things apart as well as finding new neighbors and their things. I moved to Tampa 2000 and started selling cell phones two years later. I started working for a local cell phone dealer in 2001 and by 2002 I started fixing their phones.

So I have been fixing phones professionally for about 14 years now. I have now been blessed with my own store and my own location in Fort Myers, Fl. I am the reference point for all the local cell phone dealers here. They trust me and my work. Their customers come in stressed and leave very happy. I am proud of that. I have become the local expert on the repair of all cell phones and I am honored by that title.

There was one thing I noticed for all the years I have been selling phones; most people don’t know they can get their cell phones fixed. In 2013 if you broke your phone your only option was to pay for a new one! Cell phones have become so important to us these days, the need for cell phone repair important to me. Why pay $7.00 a month for insurance only to end up using it after thirteen months and paying deductible of $50/$200! Hell, you paid for a new phone already!

Cell phones today can be fixed for almost any reason. Now they can be fixed even if you: drop them in water (even salt water), dog eats them, drops on the floor, throw them against the wall, it decides to use the toilet before you do, I have even fixed two phones that were ran over by a semi- truck! It seems that there is almost no reason why a phone can’t be fixed.

have come a long way since my childhood. I can now take things apart, put them back together, and now they work. I love what I do. I can make people happy every single day and get paid for it. I guess that is what separates me from the other guys; I am happy to help people out who are in need and love every minute of it!

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