In keeping up with the times and technology, Rob the Phone Doctor has moved to a faster and more efficient website. This new site boasts numerous advantages over the previous one. All sections of the site have been redesigned to be more user friendly. The theme is also more modern and contemporary in order to keep up to date.

About Rob

If you don’t know the doctor yet, be sure to read the bio about him. You will find not only many years of experience, but you will also see how it all happened. From tinkering with stuff as a kid, to becoming an expert in his field, you will see why Dr. Rob is the clear choice for cell phone repair.

This section tells the story from the start in Long Island, New York and ending up here in Southwest Florida. You will see from the details that the hands-on experience obtained over the years will give the best in cell phone repair.

Repairs Section

Here you will read all about the services offered – the Phone Doctor can repair over 250 devices. And you don’t need to be concerned about finding the specific device. And Rob the Phone Doctor is always happy to provide a free quote.

Repairs are offered for cell phones, iPhones, and tablets. You will be amazed at the types of things that can be repaired. So, if your device is damaged (including a cracked screen), don’t rush out and buy a new device. The Phone Doctor can fix nearly every situation you can imagine.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Rob the Phone Doctor has over 14 years of experience fixing cell phones. And you don’t have to wait weeks to get you device fixed as is the case with the big box stores. Locally owned and operated, the best choice is always the Phone Doctor because in most cases he can help you on the spot.

Because of his expertise and being the sole owner of his shop, Rob is always confident in getting the job done right. This is why he offers a free quote; it allows him to determine the best course of action for you. He knows you want to save time without having to buy a new smartphone, iPhone, or tablet.

The Secret Helpers

It may seem crazy, but rumor has it that there are helpers in the shop. These little guys assist Rob on a daily basis. With this added help, you can be assured of a quick repair and better service. This is one of the secrets to his success and deserves mention (even if you don’t believe it).

Location, Location, Location

Rob the Phone Doctor’s store is located in the heart of Fort Myers. You can find him at 3916 Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, 33901. This is basically across the street from the Edison Mall. So whether your are in Cape Coral, South Fort Myers, or even Lehigh, it is an easy trip to the Doctor.

The Best

If you are looking for the best in cell phone, iPhone, and tablet repairs, look no further than Rob the Phone Doctor. He has won multiple awards as an expert in his field. This includes many times voted “The Best of Southwest Florida”. And this is competing against all the big box stores and franchises. As an independent operator Rob the Phone Doctor always gives you the best.