Battery Life & Replacement When & Why

  Battery Life & Issues    One of the main issues for iphone and android cell phone owners is that their battery life does not last very long over time. Our phones have increased in technology and performance over the last few years, however, batteries have not improved or advanced at the same level. At [...]

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5 Best Practices For Saving A Wet Cell Phone

Cell phones have changed our world and are in all of our hands, basically every person on earth has a cell phone.  We take them with us to every event, we use them for countless tasks, and we share our stories with them. These powerful devices are now essential for us to connect with others [...]

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The Amazing Power of Search Engines

Years ago, we used to write on paper in order to read something. Well, times have drastically changed just about everything related to information and technology. We used to grab a dictionary in order to look up a word – now we “Google” it. The speed of the processors at Google are absolutely astounding, so [...]

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Apps to Find Your Cell Phone

It’s one of the most common things to happen to any of us. Somehow, someway, you have misplaced your cell phone. The stress from this can be enormous since we place such reliance on our phones. This includes contacts from our phone directory to email addresses. Without our phones, we can seem a bit lost… [...]

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Voice Assistants Growing Rapidly

Cell phones are great. They have grown in versatility over the years and now do some amazing things. One of the major trends is in the use of Voice Assistants. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and in they all strive to make life a little easier. The current primary category of [...]

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Smartphone Photography Guide

Today, you don’t need any fancy equipment to take great photos. Smartphones continue to evolve and as a result it is easier than ever to capture beautiful images. Even if you don’t have the latest in technology regarding your current cell phone, you can still get great photos. These can be even better if you [...]

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How to Extend Your Android Battery

Cell phone batteries are much better than they used to be. Technology has come a long way in this area and has allowed for much longer battery life for smartphones nowadays. However, even with technology, there are certain things you can do to fully optimize your cell phone battery operation. Today’s phones have so many [...]

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Android and iPhone News Apps

With today’s “fake news” coming from all different directions, it is important to use good judgement regarding the source of information and news. Getting viewpoints from different sources is key to make sure you are as informed as possible. Instead of this happening, however, the mainstream digital media and social media serve us carefully selected [...]

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Google Maps – Tips and Tricks

Google Maps was originally launched in 2005 and has grown to dominate the market. Many of us today would be lost without it and don’t even know the full extent of its uses. The app provides a number of these features and information that anyone can take advantage of. If you are looking to enhance [...]

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