Cell phones have really developed over the years. They have gone from being simply communication tools to a hot fad of the current generation. Everyone, regardless of age or financial standing either owns a cell phone or wants one.

Cell Phone Screen RepairWith the rapid development in technology, the cell phone is becoming a replacement for the computer. From the iPhone to Android, the list of state-of-the-art smartphones is endless. This increased variety has given users a range of prices to choose from, so more and more people own one. However, the increase in ownership results in more damages and the need for repair.


Cell phone repair has become an industry and very viable alternative to buying a new phone. But many people ignore the fact that they don’t necessarily need to replace their phone every time it is damaged. Even if the phone is insured, the deductible is often expensive. If the phone is not insured, the replacement cost can get extreme.

Cell Phone RepairOrdinarily, purchasing a new mobile phone will cost more than having your damaged phone repaired. And, you can get an estimate of the repair cost to determine the best course of action. Rob the Phone Doctor provides this service – just go to the Free Quote page for details. You may be surprised just how economical cell phone repair can be.

Data Loss

Another consideration is the fact that you have a lot of data on your phone. When you purchase a new one, you need to transfer all of this to the new one. This can sometimes be a real headache and a time-consuming process. And, in some cases, there will be certain things you can’t transfer easily (or maybe not at all).

If you have not backed up your contacts, you will need to start from scratch and input all of them again. In the case of applications, you will need to reinstall and reconfigure each of them all over again. There may be images and video that you will not be able to recover as well.

Cracked Screen RepairCracked Screens

Many people instinctively believe that once a cell phone screen gets cracked, the only solution is to purchase a new phone. This is simply not the case. Many times, a cracked screen can be repaired or replaced and is the more economical option. So, don’t jump the gun and immediately look to replace your cell phone. Instead, get in touch with Rob the Phone Doctor and let him give you his opinion.


Cell phone repair is an environmentally better decision. This is a basic truth. The more we trash our damaged phones the more damage that is done to our environment. Each time you repair your cell phone, its one less time a phone goes into the trash heap.