It was right there, you just had it on the counter a few minutes ago! Literally it was there. You begin to search your pockets and look around where you were sitting, but it’s nowhere to be found… Your iPhone is gone. Who could have taken it? You ask some of the people around you but none of them have seen it. You become increasingly nervous and realize you likely will not get your phone back. What can you do or what could have you done to prevent this from happening? 

Unfortunately, this happens many times to many people all over the world. Here are a few iPhone SafeGuards you can use against the theft of your iPhone: 

# 1. Enable “Find My Phone”

This is one of the easiest and most essentials safeguards you can use. iPhone users have free access to the Find My Phone app through their iCloud accounts. Here is how you can enable this setting: 

Enabling this setting allows you to track your phone by GPS. You can also turn on a ring that the phone emits when the “Lost Mode” is activated. That ring is very loud and can be heard from quite a distance away. 

Within the app, you can also enable lost mode which disables all functions and displays a message on the screen. This message could display a different contact number for yourself or maybe even a reward to someone for returning your phone if you lost it by mistake. Lost mode also gives you the last resort option of wiping your phone. By doing this you can guarantee that no photos, text messages, or credit card information gets out.

This is not a guarantee that you will get your iPhone back, but it may help. If all else fails you can keep your sensitive information private and safe. 

# 2. Password Protect It

This safeguard should be considered critical if not the number 1 things you should set up. Put a password on your phone. Do not use a simple or generic layout of numbers like 1234, or 1111. Think of a private combination or use the letters keys to spell a word or name.. Like your pet’s name or your mother’s maiden name. Don’t worry, you’ll get quick at unlocking even the more complicated ones.

A better than average thief will usually know how to get around it, but usually it either requires a ton of time, or more likely a wipe of the phone. If your phone were to be stolen, simply having a decent passcode can help prevent you from losing not only your phone, but also all of your personal information.

# 3. Back It Up

Even if you do lose an expensive device with all of your personal information on it, the loss of your irreplaceable personal photos of memories and uncopied files are all that really matter. That iPhone model will degrade in value and eventually its worth would not matter anyway. Your pictures however, are priceless. If you do not use any of the first two safeguards at least use this one. Backup your files on iCloud or your home computer regularly.  

# 4. Don’t Leave It On The Bar

Bars and Restaurants are fun and are great for socializing (Although, maybe not at this time with COVID still posing a threat).  Most of us take our iPhone out of our pockets and set it on the bar or table just as we sit down. This is generally not a good idea. Don’t do it. This is the equivalent to  asking for someone to take it the moment you look away or run to the restroom.


Follow these safeguards to protect your personal data against theft. Aside from keeping a close eye on your personal device, these practice will help you maintain ownership of all your information in the case of a theft. The real threat here is not loosing an expensive iPhone. Its loosing your personal data stored there. iPhones can be replaced and fix. Speaking of fixing iPhone or repairing them if the thief or loss resulted in damage to the phone. Rob The Phone Doctor is here for all your iPhone repair needs here in Fort Myers FL.