• Battery Life & Issues 


One of the main issues for iphone and android cell phone owners is that their battery life does not last very long over time. Our phones have increased in technology and performance over the last few years, however, batteries have not improved or advanced at the same level. At a certain point your cell phone’s battery may not last 24 hrs on a full charge. Needless to say this can be quite frustrating and even harmful to your work, business or vacation. A common fact about cell phone batteries is that the more often they are charged and the longer they are charged the quicker they start to lose battery life or length of charge. However there are many things you can do to help decrease this issue and give your battery a longer life. 


  • 3 Methods For Extending Your Battery Life


Temperature: The wrong or less than ideal temperature conditions can affect your phone’s battery. High temperatures and heat will deplete the battery life alone, regardless of how new or updated the phone is. A good practice is to remove your phone’s case when you are charging it. This helps reduce any unnecessary heat coming from the phone while it is charging. Your phone can become warm while charging, so just like leaving it in the sun, this heat can also damage the phone. 

Software: It is important to keep your phone’s software up to date. Both OS software and Apps software. You may be leary of updating for fear of bugs, or like me forgetful or just don’t have the time to go through the updates process. But many updates have fixes in them to extend battery life on your phone.  Of course the power saving mode is also a great way to save battery life. The fewer times you have to charge your phone overall the better your battery will stand the test of time.

Storage: It is best to store your phone at a half charge if you need to do so for an extended amount of time. Did you ever notice that when you buy a new phone or have one delivered the battery is always half full? This is to help extend the cell phone’s battery life. 


  • When To Replace Your Battery 


No matter how well you take care of your battery, at some point it will deteriorate to the point where it no longer works with your lifestyle. Cell Phone batteries are a depreciating product and cannot last forever. The when or right time to replace your battery is up to you, and how much battery life you need for your lifestyle or workstyle. Some of us do fine with 50% battery life capacity, for others that won’t cut it. 

A lot of the new phones on the market today will warn you if your battery life starts to depreciate beyond a certain point. You can also tell throughout the day how long it takes for your battery to go from fully charged to dead. The faster it dies during the day on a single charge the poorer the battery’s life. 


  • What Kind Of Battery To Get


When you decide it’s time to get a new battery the replacement process is usually easy. Rob The Phone Doctor is here to help you make the best choice and can quickly and safely install the battery for you. Of course, you can also contact your phone manufacturer for a replacement battery. It is usually best to go with an originally manufactured part vs a 3rd party product. 

Feel free to reach out to Rob for help with a battery replacement anytime.